O, HAI!!

So, blogger is giving me the shits.  It keeps losing people’s contact details, which didn’t used to be a big deal, since I pretty much knew everyone who would comment on my blog.  But every now and then there’ll be someone who’ll leave a lovely comment and… I have no way of knowing who they are or of saying thankyou.

Also, and of more immediate irritation, is the fact that the way blogger handles photos is chunky and awkward – it adds spaces every time you insert a photo, and sometimes there is just nothing you can do about it.

So, I thought I’d give wordpress a go.  This is by way of an experiment.  So I’ll whack a bunch of photos in here, randomly, and see how we go.  (Old blog here, for archive purposes)

But first, I just have to say, that zomg, I NEED to HAVE the new Kim Hargreaves book.  I really love her designs, but never look at them because you have to buy them kitted, which, with postage, is just ridiculous.  But I saw a link form someone’s blog to her new book, which they said was ‘to die for’.  I thought ‘meh’ but… well, just look at it.  Here.  The peplums!  The blazers!  The clean lines!!!

*takes deep breath*

And now, for my next trick…

This is my new bunny.  She’s darling.  Her name at the shelter was Marsala.  I’m thinking I’ll change that, but I’m not sure what to, yet.  Maybe Cherry?  As in Pie.  And also, as in Jennifer Cruisie.


This is a very fuzzy picture of my sister in teh hat I made her.  Well, OK, I started making it for me, but I don’t really wear hats, and she was going to China and I felt guilty (almost wrote ‘quilty’) that I hadn’t gotten her anything.  She’s back now, btw.  We were a bit worried, because she had a sticker on her trombone case for amnesty international.  I told her she needed to find a sticker to put over it – something like ‘Genocide is Awesome!!’ witha  smiley face.  Hmmm… I smell a T-shirt idea…


This is the Big Bad Baby Blanket what I made for Monique.  Ravelled here.  Turned out pretty well, I think, although at the time I was a bit unhappy with the transition, on one side, from knit to purl.  It was all baggy and loose.  Oh, well.  Made it just in time for her baby shower – was still damp when I arrived for the festivities!


The offending stitches.


The old set up for my bunny, when there was only one.  I took this apart so that they could have connecting cages.  While I did this, n00b sat in the corner, under the table, ears laid flat, looking very miserable.  Poor bunny.  Like his crazy-eye in this photo, though.


Ensconced in their new homes.  I didn’t want to put them in together because he is not desexed yet (in the next couple weeks he will be, though) and he just wants to have sex with her.  Which is gross.  Also, she is desexed, and so is totally not interested.  I think most of is a dominance thing, actually, rather than actually being about sex.  Still. 

I’ve let them out together a few times this past week, and they’re sort of bonding, but they still get antsy around each other’s cages.  So I don’t think they’re ready to have one big cage, yet, although that is the plan for the future.  I think I might leave it until he gets the snip, which should be in a week or two, anyway.  I can’t wait – atm the first thing they do when I let them out (they take turns) is to circle the other’s cage and mark tehir territory.  Mostly it’s just poop, which annoying and gross, but bearable.  But there’s the odd urine marking, which STINKS.  Disgusting animals.

They’re so cute when they’re grooming each other, though!  Took some happy snaps last night, must remember to get them off of my camera.


In final news, I jsut ordered a modem online today, so I should ahve teh internets at home real soon!  Hoorah for me!   swear, it’s been like having no hot water.  It was teh wrong.


One thought on “O, HAI!!

  1. d00d, joo has been blogging behind my back! ~sniff~ I will forgive you because you have joined me on WordPress. How are you finding it?

    Cute bunnies are cute. Have you trained them for cuddles yet?

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