WIP roundup

Those of you playing along at home might remember November.  That was NaKniSweMo.  I failed.  Christmas, heat, all that.  Instead, I told myself, I’d knit a jumper entirely in the month of May.  I chose the jumper – the Cinnibar pullover from my favourite ever issue of IK.  I ordered the yarn – redcurrant Rustic from Bendigo.  It’s May.


Look.  Turns out, May is not the flip side of November.  It’s June.  So, technically, technically, I have not failed.  I have merely readjusted.

Look!  A cute bunny!

Nom nom nom

So, I’m currently tossing up whether I want to keep on with that plan.  I thought, in the interest of clarity, I’d look at what was on my needles at the moment.

1) Cobblestone the Second.  Boring.  Same colour as last time.  3 inches until I can start the sleeves and the yoke.  Slog.  But must finish for father before it gets really cold, otherwise what is the point?  It’s great bus knitting, and will be even better for this once I am doing the sleeves, since they are more portable.  But I only have a 15 minute bus trip.  So, not much progress getting made.

2) Central Park hoodie.  Interesting, but requires a flat surface to be able to mark off rows.  Not very portable, especially at the moment, as I am near to finishing the back.  Need an hour or so to sit down and concentrate on decreases.  Want to finish it soon (ish) before we get into deep winter.  My one snugly cardi is getting a lot of use, and I need another one.

3) Baby Surprise Jacket.  Finished, but needs seaming.  Must do soon, as recipient was actually born on Saturday.

4) Saartje’s Booties.  One finished and requiring seaming and a mate.  Took about 2 hours.  Wierd mental block about these.  See above, re deadline.

5) Molly Ringwald.  Haven’t worked on it since it got cold.  Not enchanted.  Think I will frog it.  Maybe use the yarn for a Shedir?  Like the pattern still, but not sure how useful it will be.  Maybe someday I’ll do it in the correct yarn.

6) Lucky.  Halfway up the back.  Forgotten where I am up to in the pattern.  Need to sit down and see what I am doing, but I am happy to leave this until the weather looks like warming up soon.  Who needs a cotton jumper this time of year?

7) Mystery alpaca jumper.  Needs arms calculated and knit.  Can’t think about it.  Painful and nauseating.

8) Foliage.  Hat from Mel’s handpainted mohair.  Delicious.  Am finished the lace repeats and need to find the other size needle attachments to do the ribbing.  This will be done by the end of the week.

9) Henley perfected.  Guiltily swatched for this one last night.  Am resisting it’s siren call.  Mmmmmmmmm pistachio alpaca…..  I want to wear this jumper, badly.

10) Cinnibar pullover.  FAIL


Look!  Bunnies!

Ha.  Knew they were good for something.  I bonded them, and they are sooooooooooo cute.  Check her out, grooming him.  She grooms me, too.  She’ll lick my clothes or bag, or even:




So, what was I saying?  Oh, right.  Ten WIPS.  I know that that’s not a big deal for some people, but it is for me.  OK, so some of those don’t really count.  Cinnibar and Henley aren’t cast on yet.  Foliage will be done soon.  Lucky is hibernating happily and Molly is scheduled for frogging.

But this is weighing me down.  I think maybe I’ll set a few goals for May: finish cobblestone, Booties and BSJ.  If I was doing the NaKniSweMo challenge, I’d be knitting something like ten rows a day to make target.  I can totally do that, now.

Then, before the end of the month, I’ll take stock.  Do I want to keep knitting what’s on my needles, and push for a new goal, or do I want to knit Cinnibar.  I guess it depends how close I am on the CPH.

Thanks, guys.  You make everything make so much sense.  What would I do without you?


One thought on “WIP roundup


    Also, I kept thinking your WIPs were names of bunnies. Molly Ringwald? Why not. Cinnabar? Perfect bunny name. Cobblestone the Second? We…. can work on that one.

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