Pain and then death…

My friend just updated her facebook status message.  It said this: Blankety Blank is wonderin wat to du this wkend…


Why, why must I live in this illiterate world of pain?  That message actually caused me physical pain.  I had to then share it, by going down to the front desk and taunting her.  She cleared the message, and I started to feel bad for making her feel dumb.  Then I got back to my desk, and facebook told me that “Blankety Blank is wonderin wat to du this wkend…”

And the rage rose again.

People.  Ignorance is NOT CUTE.  Learn how to spell.  Learn where to put “quotes” (for instance, notin a sign saying “real” meat) learn how to use apostraphe’s.  And sure, forget all that if you’re IMing or texting or emailing.  Fine.  You don’t speak formally to your friends, why should you write formally?  But time and place, people.  Time and place. 

In other weirdness, I was asked to submit this photo:


To this story.




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