The New Rick

This is for you, Vellan

I may or may not have had this stuck in my head ALL FREAKING WEEK. It resists all the usually successful de-earwormers. Even Rick Astley himself is powerless!

d00m. d00m.


2 thoughts on “The New Rick

  1. You are so cruel.

    How can you do this? You know, you might have been able to get it out of your head if you weren’t too busy getting it stuck in mine.

    You know, I have some firestar and…uh…what’s the other one? The shredded holographic stuff – little samples at home that are sitting in my stash and that I look at and think…what on earth will I ever use that for? Maybe it needs to be incorporated into a one-off GYBR yarn? Which would then become a talisman to protect against the earworm?

Whadya reckon?

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