Impulse control

I am poor.  I am cash poor.  But I am rich in yarn! 

Now, bear in mind that I had already had a vodka, there was literally* a table full of yarn in front of me, and I have a soft spot for semi-solids.  Quite a large one.  Now you understand why I bought four skeins.  Of sock yarn.  AND I DON’T REGRET IT, YA HEAR?!  Not one teeny bit.

Although a friend visiting did comment with some alarm on the fact that my dining table was literally* piled with knitting patterns and yarn. 

Then, on Sunday, we went to visit Mel at her stall at the Port Adelaide markets.  I didn’t buy any yarn.  Although there is some cashmere with my name on it.  But it was a very close thing, people.

I might need to work on my restraint.  Or, alternatively, I could find some moderately-legal way of boosting my income.

But then that would cut into my knitting time.  Of which I don’t seem to get much these days.

See, for years, I had a very minimal (some might say nigh-on non-existent) social life.  And I liked it that way.  I truly, truly did.  I mean, everyone needs human contact.  But I need less than most people.  And I need a lot (a LOT) of alone/quiet time.  Just to let my brain tick over.  Maybe I’m slow, or something.  But that’s one of the reasons that knitting works for me.  Because it makes me be still, but still mentally available, if that makes sense.  Enough of my attention is engaged that I am not bored, but there are spare cycles for digesting things.

If I don’t do this, I get cranky and irritable (well, more so).  And I start having weird dreams.  So I developed multiple ways to politely say ‘no’ to invitations to places I didn’t want to be, to people I didn’t want to be with.

But lately people I like and are fun and interesting have been inviting me to things.  Makes it very hard to say ‘no’.  And I’m glad when I say ‘yes’.  But it does cut into the knitting time a fair bit.

I finally have a free evening tonight.  So now – what do I work on?  I’m currently addicted to knitting my first Monkey sock, in a looovely shade of green tofutsies.  Then there’s my CPH, which needs it’s sides and sleeves, and is a fun knit.  Or cobblestone the second, which is halfway up one sleeve, and the rush of completion is tantalisingly close.  Or maybe the Henley I guiltily cast on in alpaca.  Or there’s a vest I want to knit that I have half the yarn for….. and my mystery alpaca jumper that is awaiting sleeve calculations…

Or, on the other hand, I need to cook.  And my busy weekend meant that I didn’t get my week’s housework in, so that could stand doing.  Also, I have these shelves that I bough at IKEA, that are destined to hold crafty stuff.  I moved my crafty stuff all out of the drawers that it was in, so that they could go into the kitchen.  So now I need to finish staining the shelves so I can put them together so I can GET THAT STUFF OFF OF THE FLOOR.  It’s driving me mental.  If I’m lucky, by the time I get home, I’ll have 5 minutes of daylight left to do that in.

OR I could spend the evening watching Daily Show and Tripod clips on You Tube.  I think we all know what is most likely…

Here’s my favourite one, since I’ve been having fun with embedding, lately.  (Actually, I lie.  My favourite one is Sweet Caroline, but there’s no clip on YouTube.  Web 2.0 fails me!)

*I mean that literally.  I know what it means, and I intend to use it only where it is appropriate.  I mean, it literally kills me when people misuse that.  Oh.  Whoops.


One thought on “Impulse control

  1. Control?
    What control?
    There was yarn involved………. what crazy person expects you to have any control?

    Actually I’m impressed that you managed to escape with only 4 skeins of yarn.
    I have no such control.

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