Urge to knit…. rising…

OMG do I want to knit right now.

However, knitting at work is frowned on, if not downright forbidden.

But, I have nothing on this weekend. I tell a lie. I have things on in the evening. But the days – the days are mine, all mine ahahahahahahahahah!11!!!!!!1!

Ahem. Excuse my excitement. But you see, this means:

  • I can sleep in both days
  • I can clean and tidy my aparment.  Ok, so maybe you think I’m bonkers that this is second on my list of exciting things I can do with my free weekend.  But you should see my flat!  It looke like a boy lives there!  There’s technology all over the couch, books and paper all over the table, wet washing still in the machine (gross), the bathroom hasn’t been cleaned in two weeks (ok, so only one person has been using it, and I’ve lived with much worse, but stil: gross), craft stuff on the floor, the kitchen is trashed, and the rabbits, although clean enough, need a thorough clean out of their cage.  It’s driving me crazy.  My little haven of a flat is no longer havenly.  (It’s a word.  Now.)
  • I CAN KNIT.  And I don’t mean tink a bit.  I mean KNIT.  Sit down with my ipod (or my brand new speakers – w00t) and listen to some great friends, and KNIT.  For hours.  And hours.  And possibly some more hours after that.  Bliss!

And I am having serious sock urges.  This is weird, for me.  I gues I’ve experienced it before, though.  Every time I get halfway through a first sock, I think ‘wow.  This is fast!  And look!  Pretty sock!’ and I then think I am going to knit myself a million socks in a week.  When actually, if I could just sit down and freaking knit them, it is faster to knit jumpers.  For me, anyway.  I like jumpers.

However, I do have all this sock yarn… (don’tknowhowthathappenediswear).  Also, I have some knittery yarn (this one) that I’ve been hoarding, that really needs to be socks.  And they’re so portable! (say this like no one has ever noticed that before.  I’m such a maverick.)

It’s still only Thursday, right?  Curses.


Whadya reckon?

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