Is that a euphamism?

OK.  So, I was googling around a bit, because every time I read Angry Chicken, I want paper dolls.  (curse you!!)  And I was thinking about these paper dolls we had when I was a kid, of these Victorian  women, and all their dresses had a write up on the back.  Like ‘Morning Dress: Morning Dresses were worn when….’ etc.

And they had backdrops – a garden, a sitting room, a dressing room.  So I was wondering if I could find pictures of the same ones.  And I came across this site, with all these pictures.  And these Victorian ones.  And I was looking through.  Until I came to the wedding dress.  I looked at it, I moved on.  Then, I came back.

The groom.  Is attached.  to the dress.  He’s an accessory.  Does anyone else think that this is weird/funny?

Lydia 2

I used to have dreams like that.  Where I would be freaking out about getting married, and then it would turn out I wasn’t really getting married, I just got to have a party and a cool dress.  One time the groom was actually a cardboard cutout.

Frued would be rolling in his grave.


One thought on “Is that a euphamism?

  1. I find your weakness for paper dolls disturbing.

    Don’t worry about Freud. He would have thought that extraneous grooms symbolised your deep desire to *be* a groom. He would be wrong. Poor ol’ Freud. I suspect that he dressed up in women’s underwear when no one was watching.

    Action figures, on the other hand, *completely* different.

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