Uh so….

So, it’s June.  Don’t know if you noticed.  Yeah, that whole jumper-in-a-month thing?  Not so much.

See, thing is.  Thing is, I really really want my CPH.  And I was going to say ‘I’ll make that my jumper in a month’.  Then I realised I’m sort of almost finished.

Still, my plan is thusly:  By the end of June, I aim to have completed my CPH, and my Monkeys. 

I think that’s a reasonable goal.  Especially since I am thinking about christmas knitting.  I want to knit a jumper for my mother, my father, my sister and my boss.  That’s four jumpers.  In, let’s say five months, since I won’t count June.

I know what I want to knit for my boss.  She covets my wrap cardi.  She likes nice things, and she gets the whole handcrafting thing, and she is totally awesome, and she will really really appreciate it, in the way that all knitters long to be appreciated.  So I will knit her a large wrap cardi, in the same colour that I knit my sister’s, since that is her favourite colour.  This is incidentally the colour I have bought for the cinnibar-supposed-to-be-knit-in-november pullover, adding to my unwillingness to pull it out from under the bed.  Knitting this will not be that big a deal, since it is 12 ply yarn and big needles.  shutupiamnotdelusionaliamnotdoyouhearme.

Dunno what for the others, yet.  Something with drop shoulders for the mother (yick.  But that’s what she likes, and the jumpers she wears to death are all drop shoulders.)  Something slim for the sister, maybe?  Dunno.  Or maybe something arty like.  She’s a bit indie.  Maybe Ivy?  (am looking through my queue)  Thing is, I don’t really want to knit her something that I want to own myself.  Or I will forever be trapped making the same three patterns over and over and over… hey, why don’t I make her a cobblestone! (I am almost not even kidding.) 

Wait!  Why don’t I make her a vest!  Yeah, that’s an awesome idea.  She is totally a vest person, and also, then I don’t have to knit so much!  I rock.  Maybe this one? It’s not even a WHOLE VEST.  Or vest everest?  I don’t know if she’d like it, though.  People are tough to knit for…  Plus, it’s aran, which is sort of hard to come by over here.  I’m thinking maybe provincial waistcoat.  Which I do want for myself, but I am nervous about bulky weight yarns on me.  This way I can try it out, and see how it looks!  Yaaaaaay!  I am awesoooome!

And I also sort of want to make something for my grandma.  A colourwork something.  Sometbody please lock me up now.  I can feel the panic rising.  Halp!


Whadya reckon?

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