I need this

This is non-negotiable.  I will have it. 

It’s from Norah Guaghan, vol 3.  I heart you, Norah.  Although not enough to ever remember how to spell your last name, apparently.  But I heart you.  A lot.  This precious thing lives here.  Urge to spend money I do not have… rising… I don’t even have volume 2 yet!  This must be rectified.

The yarn is not out yet, but it looks like it might be DK?  My gauge gauging skills have gone downhill a whole lot since ravelry.  I think that might be the best thing about ravelry, actually.  I’m serious.  With all the many and varied joys it brings me, the thing I use the most often is checking the weight of yarn.  Especially since we’re over here in Oz, where most of the yarns used in patterns don’t apply.

Speaking of ravelry and guage.  I finished cobblestone the second.

Ta, da! 

The reason I bring it up in this context is this.  The pattern actually calls for a worsted weight yarn.  When I knit the first one, it was pre-ravelry, I’m pretty sure.  Or maybe just after I’d gotten in.  I sort of guessed.  I bought DK yarn.  I swatched.  I got gauge… sort of.  Maybe one stitch off for four inches.  Maybe two.  Over the whole jumper, that turned out to be a lot.  It was smaller than it should have been.

This second one, I used the same yarn.  Different needles (although the same size).  Didn’t swatch, because, why would I?  I’d already knit it, in this yarn.  On this size needles.  But something was up with my gauge.  Maybe the gods of gauge chose to punish me for my hubris.  Maybe I’m just more tense.  I don’t know.  The fabric looks the same, it’s not visibly or palpably tighter.  But this time I think I was about four stitches off over four inches.  Which I didn’t realise until I got halfway up the body and thought ‘hmmmm…. this looks small’. 

It turned out to be about the size I was shooting for the first time – a 39″ chest.  Well, it’s still a bit slim.  I tried to block it a bit bigger.  It’s not BAD small.  Just, if I was doing it again (aaaaa!  Nooooooo!  Why would I even joke about that!!) I would go up another size, or even two.  My sister commented that it was ‘very ’70’s’.  I think what she is picking up on is that it is 1) slim fitting and 2) brown.

Boy, is it brown.  It’s not the pattern that I would object to knitting again.  In fact, I think I would like one for myself.  But going around and around and around in brown yarn?  Oy.

Also, it bleeds.

Like a mo-fo.  That is not dirt in my late-on-friday-night, poorly lit sink.  It’s red dye.  The towel came out all splotchy, too.  Don’t know if this will wash out.  It ran clean, sort of, but I suspect it will reoccur on further washing.  But then, I am the suspicious type.

I managed to get the short rows neater in this one, too, and also managed to remember the curled neck (although it is still TIGHT.  I thought for a moment there that I was going to have to unpick the cast off and re do it.  What is that about?)  Last time I picked up the wrapped stitched on each short row, which left hoels which I had to darn closed.  This time, I left the knitted one.  On the purl one, I knitted over it, went back, dropped it down and ‘fixed’ it.  I don’t know why, but no matter what I tried -ssk, ktog, anything – I couldn’t replicate the way it sat when I tried knitting it.  Must experiment.  Also, that wasn’t very clear, was it?  Oh, well.  Mayeb I will have to take photos?  I know a couple other people have had problems with this, from ravelry convos.  (Have I mentioned lately how much I love ravelry?  I wish it was a teddy bear so I could snorgle it)

It is my Grandma’s birthday next week, and we had her party on Sunday.  She had coveted the original, so… I gave it to her.  Well, I didn’t want the damned thing!  She was pleased.  Terrible photo of her – but the other one is fuzzy.  Check out my flickr for more, if you are so inclined.  (link on sidebar)

I am really pleased to have finished this one.  Like the last time, once I got the sleeves connected, it just flew.  I think I did the yoke in about three nights.  Thankyou, TWiT and Tripod.  I couldn’t have done it without you (or other podcasts/comedy songs, I guess.  Whatever).

Also thanks to podcasts and comedy songs, as well as my need for a coping strategy while staying over at my parent;s house, I am almost done my CPH.  Well, almost almost done.  I had previously had the back done.  On Saturday, I got up to the armhole decreases on both fronts and most of the way up one sleeve.  I stopped at teh decreased for the fronts, since I wanted to check them against the back, because I knew I had knitted the back about a cable repeat longer.  There was jiggery-pokery with the needles and yarn I was using, since I hadn’t planned on doing so much knitting.  In fact, I had to borrow a needle – when I went up on Friday, I had only got the ribbing done on one front, and naturally forgott aht I would need a bigger needle for the body.  I have some weird blindness about that, I’m always forgetting it.  I also left one sock needle at home, and the first sock, so I couldn’t make progress on the monkey.  And I can’t find my cable needles.  Good thing I have so many DPNs…

No progress photos on the CPH.  Hopefully there will be completed ones, soon!  So here’s a random dandelion photo.  Why are dandelions so compelling?  Or is that just me?


Oh, in other exciting news, I won something!  Kirsten from Through the Loops had a sock pattern for a pair of matching-but-not socks.  She gave them the working title of ‘fraternals’ (she has twin girls, so I guess that was why?  Except her girls are identical.  Genetically, anyway!)  Then she couldn’t come up with a name for them.  So she asked us!  I was feeling particularly stream-of-consciousness at the time I read her post, and I sent her a list of suggestions.  I got interested, and looked up wikipedia. They have a list of twins.  Not my favourite wikilist.  This is.  However, there were some good ones there.

Apparently 5 of us suggested Appollo and Artemis.  Which was the winner!  The prize was supposed to be two patterns and some handspun, so Kirsten drew for the handspun, and it wasn’t me.  Which I’m not too cut up about, because she really should send it somewhere with less postage costs, anyway.  Also, I don’t NEED more yarn.  Nor do I NEED more patterns, as such.  However, they are certainly appreciated!  Three new sock patterns.  Good thing I bought all that sock yarn, huh?  Maybe I should buy some more, just in case…


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