And then I knit… oooh, look, something shiny! Let’s go ride bikes!

I think I have ADHD.  KADHD?  I was doing so well there, too.  For about ten seconds.

CPH is close.  Really close.  I have to finish one sleeve, piece it together, and then knit the bands and hood.  I probably could have finished it this weekend, if I had really put my mind to it.  However, I think I might have knit the first sleeve the wrong length.  But it fits me.  So I need to sit down and work out what I’ve done.  Which I am in no mind to do.

Monkeys:  Also almost done.  Turned the heel on the last one.  Am on the gusset.  Somewhere.  But I was knitting it at WWKIP day and I sort of lost track of where I was.  It will take me about 10 seconds to work it out, but apparently that’s too hard.

So what did I do when I got home on Saturday?  Ooooooh, shiny!!


It’s cashmere.  And it’s in the process of turning into a cowl. 


Except… then.  I, uh… got distracted.


And I cast on for a cowl.  Another one.

And… and… I really really want to cast on for a shawl for my cousin’s wedding present.  Really really want to.

Also, I have some Cascade 220 that really wants to be a Rogue.



Wants to.




Oh, WWKIP was nice, btw.  We went to the T-bar at the market.  There was knitting.  And coffee.  And friends.



Carol was not a cooperative subject.  See?

But I got her!  Mwahahaha!  Much to her daughter Bianca’s amusement.

Emma and Mel were better at being photographed.  Maybe it’s because Emma wanted to show off her clap. Otis.


Vellan not so much.  Like she can talk!

We’re all so meta…

Every time Emma said ‘Clapotis’ I thought she had said ‘cup of tea’.  Annoying.  Also, I expressed my complete lack of desire to ever knit a Clap, despite being a complete sheep (case in pint: on the needles atm?  A CPH, monkeys, two cowls.  Just cast off a cobblestone.  Cliche much?) and she sent me a link to a sock yarn one.  Which looks niiiiiice.  And of course, now, what do I want to do?

CAST IT ON.  That’s what I want to do.  But I WILL NOT.  Because I am a sheep, but I am not THAT sheep.  And also, I don’t really wear scarves.  Which, is why I need cowls.  Natch.

My boss messaged me today to ask me if I knew that it was WWKIP day yesterday.  I’m guessing she saw a news spot about it, or something?  Confusing.

And since we were at the market anyway, I bought yummy veggies and stuff and today I made kangaroo curry pea and ham soup.

And Emma and I went op shopping afterwards (after WWKIP, not after the soup), and I bought a yummy snuggly aran jumper, and another not-so-snuggly one that is huuuuuge and I’m gonna turn into cushions (Emma’s idea) and a nice glass cake plate and a Rhubarb cake platter which Emma totally wanted but I saw first and it’s really nice and it was only twelve dollars.  And, and, and, and…

What was I knitting, again?


3 thoughts on “And then I knit… oooh, look, something shiny! Let’s go ride bikes!

  1. ARGH! That is a shocking picture. Next time I am sitting sooooooooooooooooo far away from you. Or at least bringing my camera too 😛

    Em’s Clapotis has got me thinking too.

  2. OI! coood I look any UGLIER in that photo. Thanks heaps. But I forgive, as your yarn photos crap all over mine. The hemp and wool looks FAbulous Dahling. Can’t wait to see the fuzzy warm cowl. *sigh*

    And yes, the media attended the Mitcham event. Nothing like grannies knitting!

  3. Cup of tea anyone?

    If you knit a sock one, then it takes a lot more knitting and yarn to knit one my size… I’m just a saying that the sock ones are GORGEOUS but not for the faint of heart.

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