Dear gods of lace


Why do you make it so that I am always, but always, ONE stitch off.

Seriously?  One whole afternoon and all I have is two inches of tangled string, and even though I’ve unpicked each and every row at least twice, there’s STILL at least one mistake (I’m not looking too hard.  I can’t stand it)

I feel like Charlie Brown and his f#%king kite eating tree.  I have stitch eating needles.




At least it’s pretty string.  Sunshine yarns silk.  (etsy shop here)  Colourway Graphite.

But still… please?  Just one row that isn’t wrong?  Once?

I hate you.




One thought on “Dear gods of lace

  1. Mmmmmm, nice colour. I like it.

    (Delete bad joke about missing YOs, because screwing up lace just isn’t funny.)

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