Knitting is like…

So, after last post things got a little bit better.  I put on some podcasts and that took up enough of my brain that what was left didn’t get bored counting.  If that makes sense.

I was thinking of posting again, something like ‘your lace knitting skill has improved by +1′.

So, I was listening and knitting.  One hour of Absolutism in European history later, It was going pretty well.  Then I hit a little bump and, in trying to fix it, messed it up enough that I’m going to have to rip back a good two or three rows.  By this stage it was 11:30 and I realised that staying up to fix it, while it might be what I really really wanted to do, would not be a good idea.

I realised that this was a familiar feeling.  The desire to go over and over the same problem until I got it right.  The inability to get it right the first or even second time, even though the problem was essentially the same problem over and over.  The way this didn’t get boring.  The desire to stay up far later than was responsible or sensible, in order to get it.

Did I mention the fact that my iPod threw up two Bungie podcasts in a row?  (it’s on shuffle).  Yes, folks.  I have another metaphor (uh… similie).  Knitting is like computer games.

I feel better.  Its’ not that I’m stupid, I’m just a lace n00b. 

I can’t decide, though:  Is knitting the game, and lace the difficulty setting (ie, lace is legendary – or is it?  What’s harder than lace?  Any thoughts?).  Or, is lace the game, and the harder the lace project is, the further in the game the you are?  I think it’s an important distinction. 

Don’t you?

I will defeat you.  I WILL unlock the bonus level.


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