Should rain be so wistful?

It’s raining out.  That set-in, determined rain that makes weekends so cosy.  The type of rain that makes you long to be in bed, with a book and a cuppa and maybe some knitting. 

I seem to be doing a lot of longing recently. 

Whatever.  Time for some knitting content.

I’m sure y’all remember the ‘never quite right’ mini hissy fit I had a whiles back.  I don’t know why suddenly I’m from Texas.  But there you have it.

Well, last night I re-examined my CPH.  I had taken Carol’s advice and soaked it.  I soaked it for about 30 hours.  It just dried last night.  The sleeves have relaxed – they’re still a scooch tight, but they’re no longer stupid-tight.  And, judging from my wrap cardi, they will relax some more before too long.  So that’s good.  And given that, the fact that they are too long actually becomes a bonus.  Walking to work from the bus stop this morning they came in handy as mittens.  Pity the hood looks retarded and I am only going to use it in temperature or precipitation emergencies.

However, the point of this is that it still doesn’t close over the front.  I was discussing this with the knitting group the other week, and several suggestions were made.  Last night I raided my button stash.  Nothing like what I wanted.  And buttons would involve working an i-cord or crochet edging for loops, or ripping back.  Neither was something I wanted to attempt at that hour (ok, so it was, like, 7:30.  But it felt much later).

So instead:

Who suggested this?  I can’t for the life of me remember.  I only had small ones.  And it was, you know.  Late.  So I just whacked them in.

I know, I know.  Taking photos of yourself in a mirror at night is full of suck.  It’s the best you’re gonna get.  None of the ones showing how gapey it was without them came even close to being acceptable.


How can tht room look so messy?  That table is seriously the only thing in there (the bunnies usually live here.  They’ve gone home to stay with my folks while I go on holiday.  It’s real empty all of a sudden.)

ANYWAY.  The upshot is, it’s still not quite right.  But it’s wearable.  In fact, I’m wearing it now (as hinted at above).  I will need to get bigger press studs, I think.  Either that or just suck it up and find some buttons, but I kind of like the way it looks now.  If I find the perfect buttons, though, I’ll rethink.

If I was doing it again, I would definitely include buttons.

I also ripped the too-big cowl.  And started another one.  In different yarn.  What?  It’s going to be cold in Bendigo.  I won’t finish a DK-weight cowl by then.  But an aran weight cowl?  In two days… sure.  I can totally do that.  If I don’t, you know.  Clean.  Or pack.

Oh yeah.  And, I’ve started the sleeves for that weird alpaca thing I knit a while back.  Don’t remember it?

And blogged here.  In February.

I tried a couple of times to do the sleeve maths myself, but couldn’t brain.  Had the dumb.  So I found a sleeve that looked like I wanted, in the right gauge, and decided that I would just risk it.  That’s me.  Winging it.  To be fair, I am totally prepared to take it if it turns out to be a disaster.  Oh, I will whinge about it.  I just won’t feel righteous when I do.

Last night when I was finding needles to cast on my new cowl with, I discovered that the lace was on my 3.5 knit picks.  This was odd, because I thought that that was what I was knitting the sleeve with.

Nopes.  3.75.  Well, you know. 

Actually, that might be why I got gauge.  The sleeve I am knitting calls for 4mm needles.  The rest of the top is 3.5.  God, I am sooooo professional.

And somehow in my brain I am going to finish this before or at Bendigo.

My delusion is all part of my charm.  Or something.


Whadya reckon?

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