It’s 8:42.  I have to catch a bus into the city at 5:45 tomorrow.  That’d be am.  I am going away for a week.  I am not packed.  I have an inspection while I am away.  Half my floor is mopped.

And I just dropped a whole jar of coffee on the floor of my kitchen.  And the floor was wet.  Because I’d just mopped it (what was I doing walking on my just-mopped floors, you ask?  MAKING COFFEE, that’s what).  So now there is a half a jar of coffee stuck to my kitchen floor.

Did I mention that I am not packed?  I haven’t even started to organise the knitting I am taking.  Well, ok, I’ve started.  One half-finished cowl and one not yet cast on.  A pair of socks.  Half a sleeve knitted and the other one and a half to go.  Half a jumper.

I’m thinking about maybe casting on another pair of socks.  And maybe another cowl.  You know.  In case.

Did I mention I have an inspection?  And coffee stuck to the floor of my kitchen?  And instead of mopping it up (which would be easy, because the mop is right there because I had just mopped it), I am blogging.

Oh, and watching videos.  This is hilarious:

From here.  Via here.  Via here.


The best part (apart from the wedding – I mean, wtf?) is that the site I read it on, Broadsheet?  Is splashed with ads saying ‘wanted: overweight women to do a study that helped women in China loose weight FAST!”

You can make that stuff up.  I don’t know why on earth you would, though.

I got rid of my TV a while back.  Not in a self- righteous way.  I still consume media.  Just, most of it is either in the form of a podcast or a DVD.  I hadn’t used the TV for a while, and it was taking up valuable shelf space.  So I moved it.  And put yarn there.

But now, when I accidentally see some free-to-air tv, I am agog about the ads.  I mean… for reals?  Are you people joking?  This shite makes people want to buy stuff?  I just makes me want a nap. Or maybe punch something.

Oh, ALSO?  If that self-conscious voice in my head would please shut up?  You know who you are.  Yes you do.  You.  Yes, you.  The one in the cheesecloth shirt and the birks.  The one saying ‘serious, lady?  you’re blogging about how horrible it is that you broke a jar of coffee?  What about the starving orphans that harvested that coffee?  Huh?  Did you think of that?!’

Look, Voice.  I’m blogging.  That means I’m a blogger.  What about that makes you think I wish to be reminded of the scale of my problems in the real world?

Married To The Sea

Me and my first world problems will be over here watching you tube.  Actually, I guess that would be me and my Core Problems will be over here.  Doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?  Still, looks like four years of International Studies haven’t gone to waste – I got a sidenote in a blog post about it!  Horrah for me!

Did I mention that I’m not packed, yet?


One thought on “Sigh

  1. You are probably already there and the floor long mopped. With your mop forever smelling like coffee now.
    I hope you managed to get some sleep in between packing and filling your suitcase with yarn.
    Enjoy your trip.

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