Some things I learnt on my holiday

1) Bendigo is cold.

2) So is Melbourne.

3) Both places have this weird wet stuff that falls from the sky.  What’s that about?!

4) Coffee is cheaper in Melbourne.  Not better.  Just cheaper.

5) I am easily confused.  Give me a street and I will get lost in it.  Give me a map and I will get even more lost, as I walk halfway down the street before peering at the map, deciding I’m walking the wrong way, and retracing my steps.  I can do this several times, back and forth, without appearing to get sick of it.

6) I am unnacountably excited by trains.

7) Internet people are fun.

8 ) Normal people look at you weird when they ask why you are in Melbourne, and you say ‘well, I was in Bendigo for the Sheep and Wool Festival and I thought, it’s only a two hour train trip, so why not!’

9) They look at you even weirder when they ask you what you are doing during your stay and you say ‘well, Tuesday and Wednesday I am meeting two of my imaginary friends…’  (that would be the aforementioned internet people)

10) Alpacas are CUUUUUUUUTE.

11) Walking around all day and then spending the evening meeting new people is tiring.

12) Suburbs are a thing in Melbourne.  Almost everyone I met asked me what suburb I lived in in Adelaide, even though not one of them had any idea what I was talking about when I told them.  I don’t know whether it’s just the people I hang out with, but generally Adelaide people will only ask you where you live if it comes up in the conversation – it’s not typically right after ‘what do you do?’ as a conversation started.

13) Alpacas.  They are CUUUUUUUUUUTE



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