I have a half of a post written about my holiday.  But this first week back at work is kind of whooping my arse.  So it’ll have to keep.  And you get a dodgy post…

I got new glasses.  they rock.  Now, I can see the computer screen without squinting.  Which is awesome.  And yesterday, at the end of the day, it didn’t feel like someone had been rubbing glass into my eyeballs.  Not even a little teeny bit.  Isn;t modern technology incredible?!

I started a pattern drafting class last night.  It’s only a four weeker, and in that time we make blanks for ourselves for a skirt, a bodice (and then combine the two to be a dress) trousers and a sleeve.  Yesterday was the skirt, and it was very exciting!  We made the blocks, did all the calculations (really, it’s much easier than regular algebra) and then the lecturer showed us ways to make our tailored skirt pattern into different kinds of skirts by chopping and changing it.  It was very liberating, at least in theory.  At any rate, I can’t make more of a mess of fitting it than I do out of bought patterns, so I figure I’m ahead.

I’m going to raid my fabric stash and see if I have something suitable to make a muslin this weekend.  If, you know… I can get my act together…  (it is to laugh)

Apropos of not much, this wedding is awesome.  I found it via Cake Wrecks.  Which is also awesome.

Also awesome: this tshirt.  It is pretty accurate in describing how I feel when attempting to shop in the city on a Friday.


The end.


Whadya reckon?

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