Maths is hard…

So, I still have that half-finished write up about my holiday.  But halfway through Sunday I came down with a  horrible lurgy.  I was sitting there, perfectly fine one minute.  The next minute I was thinking ‘hmmm.  I don’t feel so good.  My throat is scratchy and my ears hurt’ two hours later and I was full of snot.  I spent Monday in bed, literally groaning.  So, by the evidence of my sookiness I declare that I have the dreaded manflu!!!  Because usually it is only the mans who are so astonished by being sick.

I have spent most of the week convincing myself I am well – really!  And that I can totally go back to work and keep up my social engagements and do maths re gauge.

Ahahahahahaaha.  Lies, all lies.  I have been barely capable of feeding myself.  Come to think of it, I have had no appetitite whatsoever (I know, right?  I must REALLY be sick) so I haven’t even really done that.

What’s that you say?  What does maths have to do with sickness?  What are you… oh.  The post title.  Right.  Sorry, my attention span is a little bit dodgy at the moment.

I scored some Elisabeth lavold Silky Wool from Mel’s stash sale.  It is yum.  It’s a beautiful periwinkle blue that is a little bit light for it to be perfect for me now, but I think it will be absolutely perfect for me come summer.  And since it is a light and lofty yarn, a summer top it will be.

I had a few things in mind for it that might be nice.  But when I was looking at them again the other day, none of them seemed right, not in that ‘omg I must cast on NOOOOOOOW’ type way.  Which was disappointing, because I had just got some new pattern books (more about that later) and was full of startitis urges.

So I hopped onto Ravelry to see what other people had done with their silky wool.  A whole lot of branching out’s, apparently.  And then I saw Sahara.  And I Knew.  That was what I wanted.

I’ve wanted one of these for ever – since before there was ravelry, even! (soooo long ago) I remember it was one of the first things I looked up on said social network, because I wasn’t sure it would be flattering/advisable on someone so unlike the model in every way (that would be me.  Because, you know.  I have boobs.  And other lumps)

And then I thought ‘oh.  I can’t cast on right away.  because I don’t have the pattern, and it’s the day before pay day, and while I do have $7, it’s not in my bank account.’

And then I realised I had already bought the pattern.  Yessssssssssssss!

It was Meant, people.  Meant.


That I can’t figure out what size to make.

Because it’s supposed to have a tonne of negative ease.  The two sizes I am thinking about are the 41″ and the 45″.  Now.  I am a 44″ bust (TMI?  Maybe)  Three inches of negative ease seems a lot.  But one inch of positive ease in a garment that should have negative ease seems like a lot, too.

Add to that the fact that I don’t quite have gauge – I’m one stitch off, over four inches.  And that I am using a dk weight instead of a worsted, so the fabric is a bit looser than I would really like.

Since I started writing this post, I have come to a decision (I’m at work, ok.  It’s only taken me all morning.  There has been time for several back-and-forths on this).  I have had help.  Yesterday I messaged Pug mama (ravelry link) who has made three (!) of these in that yarn.  After to-ing and fro-ing, and her doing some maths, and me inflicting my back-to-front maths on her (I always have to do it the long way, for some reason) I have decided.  I will go down a needle size, and up a pattern size.  This ought to give me a firmer fabric, and a better fit.  I’ll swatch, though.  I swatched!  I even washed my swatch!  It was so exciting – usually I do a lame-o swatch of about 5 rows, get close enough, and then rip the swatch and use that to start the project – since I never sever it from the ball, anyways.  I know.  Recipe for disaster.  But Gauge LIES, anyway. 

And since writing that, I posted to the stitchdiva group on ravelry to ask for advice, and Wendy (the designer, people!) like, totally agreed with me!  Like, omg!  I’m awesome.


Turns out I don’t need you after all.  My social networks have beaten my introspection.  So there.


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