Spring. It is sprung


It’s been in the air for a week or two now, but I didn’t want to jinx it by saying something out loud.  But this morning, the air is fresh and clean, and it sounds like summer.  That sounds daft – does anyone know what I mean?  It’s like the air is made differently, is thinner, and light and sounds travel through it better, crisper, cleaner. 

It’s just a taste, but I’ve been waiting for it.  Hopefully I can drag my way out of my winter funk.

I got off of work for two hours yesterday to go look at houses.  One was one in Birkenhead.  It was really, REALLY, REALLY REALLY  nice.  And I want to live in it.  Only problem is, it’s in Birkenhead, which is a fair hike from the city, where my sister will be studying.  And while it’s one bus for me to work, it’s two buses for her to where she will be working, and it might get a bit hairy. 

Making it worse is the fact that my mother has got in both of our ears.  She told me she was worried that Maeve (my sister) wouldn’t be able to afford living out of home because ‘she’s got no idea how much things cost’ (uh… what 18 year old does?  Isn’t that half the point of moving out?) and that she is afraid that Maeve will flake in a few months and leave me hanging.

She told Maeve that not only is Birkenhead just too far (which is a reasonable argument – I think it’s just on this edge of being too far, but I will happily concede that it is more remote than is ideal) and that she will not be able to bus home from work (based, apparently, on the idea that Maeve will be working late.  But the last train to Birkenhead is actually later than most last trains/buses, so… ?).  That sentence got too long, so I ended it.  It’s too far to taxi, but that’s about it.  Anyway, she also told Maeve that I ‘think I care about her but I don’t’ and that I don’t understand, or have her best interests at heart.

Now, I will concede that I have my own interests at heart slightly more than I have Maeve’s.  (I think that’s fair enough, myself) And that I want to live somewhere not a student house, and that this house is so nice (it has a HUUUUGE bath!  It’s near the beach!  There’s a garden!  Anda sunporch!!) that I am willing to put up with a little bit of inconvenience – for me, and for her.  But there is no one else in this whole world whose interest I have more at heart than my sister.  There just isn’t.  Full stop. 

I had a fairly bitter fight with her (my mother) on the phone the other day.  We were both tired, and we bought in to the family script.  I had to call my friend and get her to talk me down, I was really upset.  I don’t think my mother realises how sneaky and upsetting she is. 

Maybe this place is too far.  It might be.  But Maeve gets to make that decision.  Not my mother.  Maybe it’s too expensive for me to move now (I’ll be carrying it by myself for a bit before Maeve can move in.  I’ve done the maths.  It’s fine.  Not fun, but totally doable) but I get to make that decision.  Not.  My.  Mother.

Ugh.  Anyway.  I hope we get this place, because I have already moved in, in my head.  Again.  I keep getting invested!  I have a couple of questions about the application, and I jsut rang the agents, and half their office is off sick.  So I won’t be able to get my application in until Monday at the earliest.  I hope that that doesn’t ruin my chances.  I can’t move until the 18th anyway, so…

Here are some photos of my alpaca jumper and my hair, taken early this morning.  I am sorry they are shit, I will try for better ones this weekend, when I have someone else to hold the camera.  Taking photos of yourself without a tripod or a remote is HARD.

new alpaca jumper by you.

I think it’s saying something to say that this is the best photo of the lot.

You don’t want to see what I was using as a tripod.  What’s that?  You do?  Well, alright, then…

'tripod' by you.

I warned ya.  Not pretty,  is it?

(Why does my apartment always look so messy in photos?)

Dunno what the expression is about by you.

Well, ok.  Maybe this is a better photo.  But what’s with that face? (I hate having my photo taken.  I can’t pose for peanuts)

Taking photos of yourself without a tripod or a remote is hard, ok? by you.

This one is… artistic… that’s right… it’s meant to be that way (cough, cough)

Let’s talk about this jumper for a bit.  It started out as the fairy net blouse (ravelry).  I finished it, seamed up the body, started the sleeves… and realised that nobody needs a short-sleeved alpaca jumper.  If it’s cold enough for alpaca, it’s too cold for short sleeves.  So, I decided that I’d have to make up sleeves myself.  That seemed hard, so I put it away to think about what it had done.  It had a lot of thinking to do.  When I pulled it out again, I decided that sleeves still seemed hard.  I knew what type of sleeves I wanted (wide, picot edge) and so I trawled my knitting books until I found one that matched the armscye of the jumper. 

That turned out to be a bit looser gauge – it had been so long since I knit the body I didn’t realise it was on larger needles.  I think that might be a good thing, since the body is what needs to be warmest.  So, I seamed the first sleeve, it seemd pretty good.  I knit teh second one… right up until the last two inches, when I ran out of yarn.  I waited almost two weeks for more yarn to arrive.  I finished the sleeve, seamed it… and decided that the sleeves were too long, and I’d have to rip back and re-cast off.

I tried the jumper on again last night.  The sleeves are long.  See:

Sleeve by you.

But I think not too long.  Not for this jumper, anyway.

I’m not sure what to do with the neck, though.  Because it’s alpaca, it’s a teeny bit itchy, and at the moment my eczma is playing up, so I can’t wear it next to my skin.  I have to wear long sleeves under it because the worst part is my elbows.  And it looks funny with a lot of things.  All my nice collared shirts are still wet (damned apartment with nowhere to hang stuff.  Did I mention that this house in Birkenhead has a washing line?  It does.  Have a washing line, that is) so I can’t experiment.  Apart from that, I am happy!  I would probably add an extra inch if I could, but it’s not too short.  I’d just prefer a bit of extra, there.  The short rows that I calculated using Big Girls Knit’s formula worked fabulously, and it sits really well.

Quick hair photo:

Nice hair.  Bad shot. by you.

Those splodges are dirt on the mirror.  I’m so awesome.

I promise better photos of both hair and jumper, later.  Oh, and the mitts, which it would be easier to find if I spelled them properly, I imagine.  Genmaicha (ravelry)  I am on the second mitt, and I am really enjoying the pattern.  I defninetly see a pair for me in the near future.  Well, maybe the middle distance.  OK, the far future.  Happy?

While we’re on what I’m wearing today:

New socks, new shoes by you.

Socks from sock dreams, via Emma (thanks, Emma!)  Shoes from Melbourne.  Hoorah!

What’s that?  You can’t see the shoes?  You want more leg?  You need to see the pattern on the side of the sock?

Macro legs by you.

Gansey style - it's how I roll by you.











 I am soooooo obliging.  I just hope ya’ll appreciate it.  That’s all.


5 thoughts on “Spring. It is sprung

  1. Ohhhhhhhh gorgeousness.

    Birkenhead is a bit far out, but the trains make it easy to get to the city and are much more reliable than the busses.

    That house is within walking distance to the beach (20 minutes) and also to Semaphore. Think Odeon cinema and a gazzilion cafe places to try out.

  2. It’s so funny to hear you talk about spring approaching when we have another month before fall! Love the pink hair AND the sweater!

    Do you think your mom is having a hard time with the thought of your sister moving out (empty nest)? It sounds like she’s been rather indecisive on the subject, not that it’s her decision to make, as you point out. Just my thoughts, from very little info!

  3. I like the house, it looks really light and open! And I like the jumper. And I LOVE the socks. OK I have to stop now before I come and take all your stuff… I think that’s frowned upon in blogging circles.

  4. Best tripod ever.

    ps. after I posted that pitiful comment last time asking for help I did a bit of research and wondered why I couldn’t find you on ravelry and then finally found you on ravelry (in my friends, even!) but I’d forgotten your ravelry name and then of course found the genmachia/genmaicha wristies pattern and lusted after it and looked up other ravelry genmachia/genmaicha projects and got thoroughly lost in ravelworld and used up my knitting and blogging time and then I went to bed.

    pps. when will I learn the art of the succinct comment I wonder? I nearly had it before I began all the ps’s.

  5. Is that Bendigo alpaca? Very nice knit. And the socks are fantastic. Wow. And I was imagining you knitting them and feeling quite dizzy. Kind of relieved to see they were purchased. Especially given all the heavy family stuff. Whew. Lucky spring is in the air.

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