Emma found me this


From Apartment Therapy WAAAAAAANT

I’ve been thinking about this mirror thing for quite some time, but I realised that part of the problem was that one of the houses I went to look at had this big mirror in the entry, and it really set me off.

Entry by you.

It also had cool cupboards in the kitchen

Kitchen cupboards by you.

Similarly shaped linen-type cupboard was behind me.  Actual linen cupboard out the back:

Storage by you.

Check out that light streaming through!  Think of the things you could put in that cupboard!

But… that house was nice, but not as nice as MY house!  I went and signed the lease this morning, and went to the house to plug in the phone so they could activate it, and gloat a little.  I took some photos so my folks could see the house and also I’d have something to remember it new by.  They’re on my flickr if’n you want to see.  Some of them are a bit wonky – I was in a hurry…

It is a gorgeous day out!  I’m back in my concrete box now, but I can still feel the sun on my skin!  The house next door, and the one accross the road both have jasmine going crazy in their gardens, and the air was heavy with the smell.  Beautiful!  It’s my favourite smell ever.  In the history of everything.

The colour of these walls makes me so happy.  I don’t know why. 

Sunroom/porch by you.

That’s the sunprch area.  It’s a reasonable size – not large enough for permanant furniture, except maybe a cupboard or something at that end, but you could definitely hang out there.

Turn to the left and there’s this:

Kitchen by you.

That’d be the kitchen.  That’s it.  No more cupboards.  but I have plenty of shelves etc.

That door on the left of the sunporch is this

Bathoom2 by you.

Hello, bath…

On the kitchen wall:

HOOKS!!! by you.

Hooks!  Zomg!  I am thinking something like this.

Backyard, including cherry tree, garage, outdoor laundry (which my washing machine will for sure fit in – I measured.  twice) and shed

Backyard by you.

AND garden beds.  AND:

Back yard facing house by you.

I am actually a bit worried by how excited I am about that washing line.

I have now hit my second moving-wind.

Bring on Saturday!


5 thoughts on “Obsession

  1. It looks lovely. Can I just aks though, is that a wood stove, outside next to the laundry with a flue to nowhere?

    And which has now made “I’ve got a flue to nowhere” go round in my head, to the tune of “I’m on the road to nowhere”.

  2. *sigh* I wish I could be there for the housewarming. *double sigh* as I wish I had a bathtub at home. Hmmmmm. Renovations? *waving hi* and wishing you best of luck in your new abode. Are dogs allowed to visit?
    Hey — there are rabbits all over my parents’ back yard! Cute little brown bunnies with white cotton tails. Awww.

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