Some Knitting and Some Nesting

I am feeling a bit swamped with the knits at the moment.  I have too many things on the go, too many things I want to do, too many things that are halfway through and no end in sight, and have reached the fiddly bits, so that they’re hard to take places.

This weekend I have had people over every night at my new house.  This was sometimes pleasant, but made me a bit cranky this end of the week, since I feel like I haven’t done anything – nothing around the house, nothing on my knitting, and the headway I’d started to make on my podcasts (down to 5.5 days of audio in my podcast playlist!  Yay!) is loosing ground.  In fact, I feel like the unpacking and sorting is going backwards, since I cleared out the second bedroom last night so that my sister’s stuff could start being moved in before she herself moves.  This is a Good Thing, as it means that I don’t get used to using it as a dumping ground, and it feels more like a two person house, which is something I want to maintain so I don’t get a rude shock.  But it also means that there are books in piles in the living room, and DVDs in boxes taking up one whole wall of same.

The trouble is, I don’t have enough furniture – I need a chest of drawers and maybe a wardrobe for my bedroom and bookshelves for the living room.  But I dont’ have the money to buy them at the present time – this is my second fortnight of paying double rent, since I broke the lease on my last place, and all the bills with the connection fees are starting to come in.  Ouch.

It’s not that I can’t afford it – but there’s not a lot of extra cash floating around.

That said, I got rid of what extra there was, this last weekend.  I was at the Port Adelaide Fisherman’s Markets, at Mel’s stall, and I had a wander around afterwards.  Last time I was there, Emma and I found areally nice tea pot that I dithered about, and then decided that I’d go back for.  I wanted it for my Birthday do, which is going to be an afternoon tea, of the refined sort.  I have been slowly collecting odd cups and saucers, napkins, and the like.  Anyway, when we went back it wasn’t there.  But this time:

Teapot by you.

A miraculous reappearance!  Not the best photos, but they were last-minute mornign snaps.  I’m sure you’ll forgive.

Teapot by you.

It was only $12, so I bought it, on the theory that if I didn’t, I’d be kicking myself.

Bought with a similar point of view was this:

Gourmet by you.

I’d just walked past a really really nice and perfect mirror for $99, which there is no way in the world I can afford right now.  And then there was this, for $10.  Snapped up!  The astute among you will notice, from the colour of the wall, that it is in the kitchen, and not the hall as I have been scheming.  It looked weird there, what with it being my its lonesome, and also saying ‘kitchen’ on it.

Besides, the kitchen is the most together room at the moment.

Check these out:

Canisters by you.

The far right canisters I have had for a while.  The middle ones were bought on the last cousin op shopping trip.  They are aluminium and I was originally scared that they might give me brain cancer, but then I decided that if I am going to get brain cancer, I’d rather get it from my canister what I love than from my deoderant, and so I’m using them.  But my favourite ones are the ones on the right which are, as Jac points out, Shiny.  I bought those at the Fisherman’s Wharf Markets, as a substitute for the teapot, that other time.

See the tags on them?  Since some of them are not filled with what they claim to be (third from the left, for example, says ‘tea’ but in fact contains rice) and others are duplicate (three types each of flour and sugar) and I apparently have dementia (hello aluminium canisters) and can’t remember my own name, I labelled them.

I used these:

Labelling by you.

They are from Print a Day and they are PERFECT.  See?

What she said by you.

Brown Sugar by you.

But even this project, simple as it is, is only half done.  Yeesh.

I also printed out the list ones of the matrioshkas and also the toadstools (SO EXCITING I LOVE THESE I AM YELLING WHY AM I YELLING?)

To do by you.

SUCH a terrible photo, I do apologise.  Also, I need a better magnet.  Or maybe I’ll get a clip and a magnet and clip them.  Or, I saw a thing on craftzine about making pieces of paper into a pad using special gum or jsut regular glue.  Anyway, it’s exciting.

Also exciting is the fact that I am up (down?) to the waist on Sahara.  I basted the neckline and tried it on, and it fits.  I took some photos because I don’t have a mirror I can see all of myself in, and I needed to look at it.

Sahara4 by you.

I’ve since sewn the neck up properly and although I need to redo it because the seam is not very neat, it does sit a bit better than this.  I think I shall sew up an inch or two of the split, as well.  I knit it a repeat wider than the pattern said, because I was concerned about the fit and if it would stretch accross that opening properly.

As you can see, it does fit.  I’m not sure how neatly, though.  Here it is without the front sewn up.

Sahara2 by you.

The shoulder sit better like this.  (ooooh, look at my canisters in the reflection!  Hello, shiny canisters!!)

The thing is, usually I do short rows, which would make it sit a bit better.  I didn’t on this because 1) where I would do them, there is lace and shaping 2) top down short rows hurt my brain and, most importantly 3) I started doing them, right after neck split bit, but they were really really obvious in this yarn.

I probably should have investigated side dart, but it’s in the round, and I’ve never done it before and, well… it’s HARD.  I think it will be ok, although not perfect.  You can’t really see it that well here:

Sahara5 by you.

Or maybe you can.  It’s a good half an inch shorter at the front than at the back.

I am thinking that what I will do is knit it an extra inch longer at the waist, and an inch longer at the bottom.  That should account for any undergarment peeping, which is the worst result of my usual hemline dilemma.

Does anyone know any different, or have better advice?  I wait with baited breath…

(Can you see my camera in this?  Never knew apples could make such a good tripod, now did you?)


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