I’ve never been meme tagged before.  How excitement!

The Science Girl tagged me for six things you didn’t know about me.  This is tough because, as she pointed out herself, the longer you blog, the more you share.  Plus, most people who read this know me in real life.  There isn’t much I won’t blab about, and what I won’t is… well… private.  So, I guess that leaves us with the trivial!  I’ll try not to be too trivial.

1. I am really weird about texture in food.  Anything sort of grainy/squeaky I can’t eat.  This means green beans, tofu, oysters, seaweed, some fish (sushi is a nightmare) that kind of thing.  I also really hate biting into corriander (cilantro) although I love the flavour of it infused.  These two weird issues combined mean that I can’t eat cold rolls unless I make them myself – surprise cilantro?  No thanks.

2. I am obsessed with maps.  But I am not very good at geography, unless I have a story to go with the place – which is why I was a history major, I guess.  I only started to know where things are in Europe once I studied its history.  Although, I probably know the map of Reformation era Europe better than today’s Europe – the other day I caught myself wondering if Austria was still a country!  (PS, it is)

3. Whenever I am going over a bridge or sitting next to an open bus window, and I have something precious in my hand (iPod, wallet, keys, etc) I have to grip them extra hard because I have this weird urge to throw them over the edge.  I cannot express how devastated I would be if I did this.

4. I don’t and have never owned a hairdryer.

5. I love Doris Day.  Yes, I do, and I don’t care how ridiculous Calamity Jane is,  still love it, and my favourite song it is even ‘A Woman’s Touch’.  And that bit where she confronts Katy and Bill shoots the barrel to teach her a lesson and she runs off and Bill comes after her?  Makes me cry every time.  I’ve felt like that a fair few times.  There is nothing you can say to make me not love that move, or Pillow Talk, although you can have Lover Come Back (favourite moment in that? After a big dinner that she cooks for him Rock Hudson: Would you like me to help with the dishes? Doris, with no trace of irony whatsoever: Oh no!  That’s woman’s work!)

6. I am straight.  But My One True Love was a girl I went to high school with.  I know, I know, I was 16 but I really truly did love her, with everything I had.  Nothing ever happened – by the time I realised that I was actually able to be In Love, and with a Girl, too, she had moved on.  It took me years to get over her properly – Adelaide’s pretty small, and I bump into her every now and then.  Last time I was fine, but the time before that I cried every night for a week afterward.  I haven’t been in love since, although I have loved people (not in the same way, though, really).   I don’t love her anymore, but only because I am so much a different person. The part of me that is still that person, is still 16 (and 17 and 18 and 19 and 20) loves her.  Thankfully it’s a pretty small part these days.  But if she turned up on my doorstop today, I’d still probably give her anything she asked for.  (I don’t mean that, you smutty people)


Ha!  Got you with that last one, didn’t I!  So much for being trivial.  Dear ridiculous-father-figure-deity-in-the-sky, I hope no one I know from then reads this, because they will definitely know who I am talking about, too.  Well, whatever.  It’s not really a part of who I am anymore except as a fact.  (she says, blithely)

And now I am not going to be lame and say ‘whoever wants to can do this meme’  I hereby tag:

  1. Emma
  2. Vellan
  3. Carol
  4. Sooz
  5. Jac
  6. Bek

4 thoughts on “Tagged!

  1. I’m not so much afraid that I’ll throw things out the window, but that I might accidentally drop them out the window, even though realistically there is no chance this could happen. I have a related fear when crossing the road that I’ll lose my balance and fall into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

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