Hola, bitches!

Whaddya mean, where’ve I been?  I have NO IDEA what you are talking about…

Thing is, life pretty much got mental.

About half a week after my last post, my mum got diagnosed with breast cancer.  She’s had an operation and they are pretty damn sure they got it all, and she’s having just-in-case radiotherapy and hormone treatment starting next week.  But that’s been a tough one to navigate given my relationship with her.  Stressful.

Then, we found out our lease wasn’t renewed.  That one was really hard, for a bunch of reasons.  Primarily, it meant we (read: I) had to househunt in the middle of what was already an uber stressful time.  And I hate househunting.  HATE.  It makes me tense.  So then we found a place, and I had to organise everything, and think about money, and pack, and move, and unpack.  The move was hard.  Partly because my dad helped me move every other damn time I’ve done it, and I have specific memories of him helping me move into Birkenhead.  But also because, for a good two months there, I was really fucking happy in that house.  I loved living down there, and I built a couple of relationships with people down there that will (have) change because of our moving.

Not that those people won’t be my friends any more.  On the contrary, one of them helped me move, and has been a fantastic support throughout all of this.  But it was a clear devide between the-life-I-had and this new reality.

Can I understate it a little by saying I’m not so happy with the new reality?  I’m working with it, and it doesn’t suck too much, most days, but… I wouldn’ta picked it, is all I’m saying.

Anyway, it kind of felt like I was being chased away, like things were running along without me, like I was completely out of control, and I didn’t like that AT ALL.  Not one bit.

And at the same time work went ballistic.  We got a big contract at the start of the year, and it all came to a head at the end of March.  There were two weeks there where I didn’t get home before 7pm, once.

So… yeah.  Times.  On the plus side, I love my new house!  I miss being near the beach a whole lot, but this house is much bigger and much more functional for the two of us – we’re not constantly getting in each other’s way.  Plus, I get a craft room.  A WHOLE ROOM.  For CRAFT.  WOOOO!!!

I’ll try and get photos of pertinent stuff, but for now, here’s some stuff what I made: When we moved, I left a whole bunch of my furniture taken apart outside, with the intention of painting it.  I’ve sort of been playing along with the Cure, over at Apartment Therapy.  I’m not really on board, since the moving happened in the middle and trying to do that probably would have tipped me over the edge for good.  But I’ve been using it to help me think about how I want this new place to work, and how I could make it feel more like mine.  And maybe I’ll do the whole deal next go around.

I wanted to do some of this stuff right away, because knowing me, I would put it off and put it off and then we’d be moving again and there’d be ten million things that I never did, that would have made my life more awesome, but I just never got around to.  So I left the stuff outside, betting that I would soon get sick of this: 

New pad by you.

And I was right!

I wanted to revamp my bed.  There was nothing wrong with it, it just didn’t really feel like mine.  It had been an opportunity buy in an op shop, and wasn’t what-I-wanted.  A new bed wasn’t really an option, partly because of expense, but mostly because… why would I?  I had a perfectly functional bed.

I was originally thinking of tufting the headboard, like this


Which is from MadMen.  Which I’ve not seen, but I’d seen this bed on teh interwebs and fallen in lust.  However, the logistics of it got difficult, and then I was trawling the web, and suddenly I thought… cherry blossoms!  And I HAD TO HAVE.

Bed in progress by you.

And I did:

Bedhead by you.


I know, picture is less than awesome.  I’ll try for a better one soon.

The left hand ones are stenciled, and then I freehanded the rest.  And they are more sparkly and less kid-poo brown IRL.  Really.

You can’t see them when the bed is made and the pillows on, but in fact my favourite thing about the bed is the colour.  I could look at it for days and not get tired of it.  Especially in combination with the new colour of my bookshelf:

Painted shelves by you.

Also, I am TOTALLY NOT PREDICTABLE.  These towels? 

Washing line with new towels by you.

 They are NEW.  I haven’t bought new towels since before I moved out of home.  Luxury!  Anyway, the ones on the left, they were hanging on the hook on the back of my door.  Over my robe, which is… exactly the same colour.  Over a scarf, which is… exactly the same c… next to my tutu, which is…

I have the smallest wings by you.


I prefer ‘consistent’ to ‘predictable’.