In the spirit – two FOs

So, in the spirit of the last post, I am going to post again… RIGHT AWAY.

While the iron’s hot and all that, right?

Here are two hats what I made.  The first is Porom. 

Porom by you.

I cast this one on quite some time ago (ravelry tells me October.  I got almost to the end (like, about ten rows away) and then needed to switch to two circs because it got too small.  But I was out and about, and didn’t have the needles, and then… I just never got around to it again. 

Porom by you.

I picked it back up a few weeks after we moved because I needed to finish something.  All my jumpers were stalled, and I would have had to concentrate to work out where I was up to.  Or else I’d left them at the tricky bit.  And the only other thing on the needles is my cousin’s wedding present shawl.  It’s back and forth time, and it’s making me a bit crazy.  Besides, it’s silk, and my first love is wool.  I wanted to touch wool again.

Porom by you.

And lovely wool it is, too.  It’s Jo Sharp Aran Tweed something something.  Left over from a scarf, I believe.  That I knit my sister aaaaages ago, when I first started knitting again.

It was a fun knit.  Easy, too.  Just yarn overs and k2togs and ssks – although maybe one or two knit through the back loops.  Like all Brooklyn Tweed patterns, it is elegantly contructed.  I really enjoyed watching the lines of yos melding into each other.

I blocked it over the biggest plate I own:

Porom blocking by you.

Which may have been a mistake.  It was pretty slouchy before, if I did this again I wouldn’t block it as severely.  I then had to re-block the ribbing into itself to make it functional.

I was sort of hoping that this would be for me.  But I was pretty sure it wouldn’t be.  And sure enough, it made me look like a chef.  Or a cancer patient.  Or a mushroom.  My sister on the other hand:

Porom by you.

works it.  So she got it.  I’d be cranky, but she wears it all the time, and she loves it and looks good in it.  So… yay for process knitting!

I would definitely knit this again, even though I don’t see myself ever being the slouchy-beret type.



The second hat is Habitat, also by Brooklyn Tweed.

Greenery by you.

This one was EVEN MORE fun.  I love cabling. 

I’d been wanting to knit this one for a while, and when a friend helped me build a rabbit hutch in my backyard, I decided to knit this for him.  He asked for a purple or a green hat, and since I couldn’t find any nice purples (probably not helped by the fact that I dislike purple in general) I settled on the Forest colourway in Karaoke, since he is a hippy  🙂  The SoySilk was lovely to work with, although a bit felty, even just from knitting.

Mmmmm green by you.

I don’t really have any good photos of this, because I finished it in two days so that I could send it up with someone who was visiting the recipient, who is currently in the APY lands.  Two rainy days.  I curled up on the couch with my knitting and some podcasts and listened to the rain.  It was BLISS.  But it meant that I finished it late at night (a RAINY night, did I mention that i twas raining?) and had to send it off the next morning.  So all the photos are dodgy low light ones, I’m afraid.  Which means you can’t really appreciate the… wait for it… elegance of this pattern.

Habitat from the top by you.

Check out the way those decreases work in the cables!  Is that not a thing of beauty, blurry over exposure and all?

Not only WOULD I knit this again, I fully intend to.  It took a ball and a bit of Karaoke, and I think if you were to knit the smaller version (which would fit me about right – this one is a tad big for me, unless you want to roll it up at the brim… which would hide the lovely cables) you could get away with one ball

Two balls by you.

You can see where the ends are, just where the crown shaping starts.

This hat made me a lot more comfortable with cables.  The first two inches probably took me as long as the whole rest of the hat.  I went from not having any idea what I was doing, and needing to squint at the pattern the whole time, to knowing what the cables were going to be doing but not really knowing why, to being able to sight read the chart without having to refer to the key, to being able to just glance at the pattern and wing it.  I was very proud of myself by the end. 


These two hats were where exactly what I needed to reinvigorate my knitting mojo. 

Next up, a WIP post!


Whadya reckon?

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