The leftovers

I rewound this the other day: isn’t it gorgeous?

Alpaca  by you.

It’s bendigo alapaca, 8ply.  Dyed by Emma and bought by me… ages ago.  Probably about two years now.  Which I know is not really that long, as far as stash goes, but considering that I didn’t really know Emma then, and now I can’t really imagine my life without her in it… well, it’s a long time.

I remember the knitting night she brought it to.  I fondled it for about a half hour, before dutifully putting it back in the pile.  And then I thought about it all the way home.  I remember exactly where the bus was when I caved and messaged her to say I’d buy it.

I want to knit Cobblestone with it.  Yes.  Again.  There’s 100gms.  I want to do the yoke and, if I have enough, the cuffs and bottom band, with it.   Anyone know how much yarn those take?

Alpaca by you.

Humble beginnings

I went to the Grates concert on Sunday.  They are my favourite band, I love their music, and they put on such a great show.  It was FANTASTIC!  I had so much fun.  I got home tired and sweaty from jumping around like a lunatic, had a hot hot shower with new soap, got into bed and sprawled.  I was so, so happy that I didn’t have to share my bed with anyone, let me tell you.

We met up for dinner and drinks beforehand.  My friend Anna, my cousin Tessa who I used to live with but haven’t seen for months because she’s a flake, and me.  I pulled out my rogue and knit on it furiously.  Then one of Tessa’s friends and one of HIS friends joined us.

What was I doing?  Was it normal to not have to look at it while I knit?  Was it normal to knit that fast?  What was the chart for?  What do those squiggles mean?  What’s a cable?  Oh… so they’re not, like, embossed on, they’re as you go… so you just keep knitting in a line?

Alpaca by you.

And then we went to the venue.  Unfortunately it was at the local teenage pick-up joint, so everyone had to have their IDs and bags inspected.  The security guard checked my bag and, without blinking, said ‘brought your knitting, I see’.  ‘Yep!’ I answered cheerfully.  Friend of friend made a comment about stabbing people and the guard looked at him like he was stupid.

‘She might get bored’ he said.

Winding arrangement by you.

Do you like my winding setup?  It’s on my stash shelves (LOOK at all those lovely books.  Mmmmmm…)  Problem is, the metal bit that holds the yarn up doesn’t stay up by itself, so you have to hold it.  Combine that with the fact that I don’t have a swift, and you’ve got a good recipe* for one big pain in the bum.  But new ones are so expensive, and seem like such a luxury, since I primarily knit with pre-wound yarn.  I mean… for what you’d pay for a new swift and ball winder, I could buy two jumper’s worth of yarn.  It doesn’t seem like a good deal.

I’ve been doing some gardening.  It was incredible how much more of a home the place felt once I’d got my fingers in the dirt and planted stuff.  According to the numerology of house numbers, my house (8) “Outdoor gardens filled with trees, plants and flowers add to the ambiance of this house.”

Garden bed by you.

See!  Pansies!  Also, mystery bulbs, what I don’t know what they are.  I’ve planted daffodils and tulips in here, but there are also mystery bulbs that I found there when I planted.  I am looking forward to seeing what they turn out to be.  I also planted Grape Hyacinths along the other path.  The bed in the background, with the stump in it, has hollyhocks in teh back, then I think snapdragons but they may be foxgloves, I can’t remember, then marigolds in the front.

Mystery bulbs by you.

Close up of mystery bulbs.  Any opinions?  I almost didn’t plant pansies, because they are my mother’s favourite flower and there are Associations.  But they are so pretty and cheap and so many lovely varieties I decided not to be stupid.

Purple by you.

I love them.  And it makes me really happy to look out of the window in the morning and see them.  Also, notice the wet stuff on them?  That’s RAIN!!! OMGWTFBBQ!!!  FROM THE SKY!!!

Morning foods by you.

And finally, here is Pie, in the shiny new hutch that my friend built for them, for which I knit him Habitat.  N00b is hiding in the flappy bit, in this photo, because he’s like that.  Check out that gorgeous morning light, though!

*I always go to type ‘reci-pie’.  That makes much more sense to me.


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