WIPs and FOs

I made a petticoat last night!

I’m having an un-birthday party this Saturday.  I was going to have an afternoon tea party for my birthday, planning it for some time in January.  But what with all the dramas, I really didn’t feel like it at the time.  I was also thinking of having an Alice in Wonderland themed party… just cos.  And since the un-birthday theme falls under that umbrella, I decided to combine the two!  There are a couple other people combining with me, which is nice as it means that the focus is off of me, which I like, and also I don’t have to do ALL the work 😛

So it’s a dress up party, either in high-tea appropriate clothes, or as a character.  I picked the Queen of Hearts since 1) I intend to make some tarts and 2) it’s the only character I felt I could inhabit for more than a half hour without getting irritated.  I mean… Alice might be an obvious choice, but she’s a bit of a whiner for my taste.

When I first started planning the party, I figured I’d make a costume.  There seemed like there was plenty of time then!  I was going to go the whole hog.  But  as time slipped away and life carried on the way it does, I scaled back to the bare essentials.  Petticoat, poofy skirt.

costume by you.

I know, it’s a shite photo.  I took it in a mad dash this morning, because I was DETERMINED to blog it, and who knows when I’ll be free in the daylight again?

I may have gotten a bit carried away with the petticoat.  I made the first layer, and it didn’t look poofy enough, so I added a second.  Now it is SUPER poofy, and since the skirt is just a light artsilk… it’s a bit mental.  I was originally thinking of doing an overskirt thingy, open at the front, and I might need to still so that I don’t freze my delicate buttocks and/or flash someone by accident…

The petticoat was fairly easy, although fiddly.  I had previous practice in working with the tulle and a small amount of proof of concept, because a couple of weeks ago I made a friend a tutu.  Here is the only photo I took of that:

Tulle explosion by you.

I am SUCH a neat crafter…  I must take some good pictures of my crafting space.  I have a WHOLE ROOM.  Well, also for computer.  That’s the computer chair on the right.  You can just see the massive desk on the left.  It is mostly clear, with my sewing machine on one side and space for cutting and measuring on the other.  Please note the heater, which I guiltily used, since I needed my fingers to have sensation, and the ironing board and iron safely on the chair.  Hey, guess what I learnt?  My iron is better at heating up my room than my actual heater!

So, anyway.  What I did for the peticoat was this.  I measured my waist.  Then I cut a strip of lining acetate about ten centimetres wider, and about 20 cm long.  This is the base of the petticoat.  I hemmed it both sides and then folded over about two inches to make a waist band, and sewed that.  I cut elastic to go in there that was about 10cm smaller than my waist.  I didn’t thread it till the end, though.  So now I have a mini mini skirt.

Then I cut a piece of tulle twice the length of this base piece, and 20 cm wide.  I pinned that to the waist bit, and sewed it down.  The gathering is not super consistent, but it’s pretty good.  Then I got a piece of tulle twice the size of the first piece (so four times the base) and pinned them together, and sewed.

At this point I tried it on and it didn’t look very poofy, so I repeated the process.  I think one layer actually would have been fine.  Or else, I should have made the pieces 15cm wide, and done three.  I’m leaving it for now, because I like how mental it looks, but I think I will unpick it after the party.  I think I will actually get some use out of it – I have some skirts and dresses that would look nice poufed up.

And that is how I made the petticoat!

Petticoat by you.

It’s hardly professional (and I still haven’t sewn in all the ends in…) but I think it’s pretty good for what is one of only a handful of actual garments that I have ever made.

For the skirt I used this tute.  The maths turned out perfect.  I was so pleased!  I cut the skirt and made a seperate waist band and put elastic in it.  I started to hem it, but I buggered it up, and I can’t find my frapping quick unpick.  I was having a hissy fit about it until I realised that it was my own damn fault for never putting anything back where it came from, and that it was past 11, which is my official cut off for doing anything that needs attention or decisions.  So I put it down and I’ll go buy another one tonight.  Also, in throwing things around the room looking for it, I found something I searched for for about three hours last week.  So we’ll call it even.

As for knitting, I’m giving my cousin’s Juno a break. 

Juno Regina by you.

It’s a TAD bigger than this now!  I was thinking it looked super long, I musnt’ have much to go… the plan is to knit it until I run out of time (I’m giving myself till the end of August then I need to start the pattern bit) or there is 25g left in the ball.  So I weighed the ball….

90g left.  URGH!  It’s super boring, but not dull enough to not pay attention.  Plus, I think I’ve mucked it up a bit, have the wrong number of stitches in the wrong places.  That isn’t so big a deal, but I need to pay it some attention and get it back on the right track.  Plus, I mentioned the wanting to touch wool again thing.

It’s coming up to Bendigo time again, and I was thinking about what I will be packing.  Last time I’d just finished my CPH, and I wore it the WHOLE time.  I didn’t want to wear it again, buit I don’t have anything similarly warm and practical.  So my mind drifted to the Cascade 220 I’ve had in my stash for… oh, over a year now.  It is bound and dtermined to become Rogue.  And now it is!

Rogue by you.

I cast this on last Wednesday.  Not bad for a week’s worth of knitting, no?  I’m racing Emma, who has been knitting hers for… how long now, Em?  She’s split for the neckline, anyway.  I reckon I can catch her….

The yarn is super smooshy, and the colour is simply glorious.  It’s a sort of peacock, with that blue you can see in the photo, but also a shimmer of emerald green.  Mmmmmmm bliss.  And the cables are so fun!  The first bit zoomed by because it went knitknitknit concentrate for twenty stitches, knitknitknit concentrate for twenty stitches.  Repeat.  Now I am doing the cable repeats for the waist, and it’s dragging a bit because it is not interesting at all… I’ve done three and a half, the pattern calls for five, and I’m going to up it to six for extra snuggliness… Sigh.  Hopefully I’ll get some knitting in tonight and knock that on the head.

I’ve also cast on for some genmaicha for me, in baby camel, but I got up to the fiddly bit where you seperate for the thimb gusset and start the cabling while I was drunk one night, so they’ve been put away for when I have brain again…

It feels so good to be back on the horse again.


2 thoughts on “WIPs and FOs

  1. Why Ravelry tells me that it was June 2007 which sounds about right. I’ve now done the entire body and am onto the last of the shoulders… go me! Back to the assignment/salt mines though.

  2. Love the petticoat. I tried on wedding dresses with multiple petticoats and didn’t make it two steps before they twisted around me, bound my legs together then tripped me up…so kudos to you. Those things are lethal.

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