Better than I can

Go here.  Now.  Listen to this.  You can read the transcript, but I recommend listening to it.

The Seanachai was one of those podcasts that I started listening to when podcasting was new and exciting, and felt like it was going to change the world.  It was one of the podcasts I listened to in China, that literally, I feel, saved my sanity.  It is the only fiction-based podcast that I listened to then and still listen to now – now that I have access to any fiction I want.

There are several episodes – Fun with the bird, a Rebeginning, Shooting an Elephant – that are on my ipod even though I have listened to them several times.  I will listen to them several times again.  Every episode has something in it that makes me think, something that makes me laugh, something that makes me tear up, just a little.

I think I might print out this list and stick it to my mirror or something.  As a manifesto for life, it is almost perfect.

Whadya reckon?

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