12 and 12

So I was thinking?  About the 12 to wear?

First, I was thinking, I have to get my act together.  Also, when am I going to count it from?  I choose to start it NOW, since otherwise I’m going to get disenheartened.  May, it is.  I will start teh official count with FO posts, soon. 

I was also thinking: anyone else want to join in?  I’m not a big  joiner, and I am even less of an organiser, so I don’t plan on anything much.  Maybe just some comraderie and perhaps we might stretch to a flickr pool?  I was planning on making the definition pretty wide – I already mentioned that I was gonna count my pattern blocks as a FO, since while I can’t wear them, they are a big step towards my goal, and I want to encourage that.  I was thinking that bags would also count (I have one in mind, just trying to work up the courage/skill) since they are technically part of an outfit, and are technically worn.  Anyone joining is, of course, welcome to stretch the definition as far as they want.

And THEN I was thinking: yes, I want to make 12 things, for me to wear.  But I also don’t want to discourage other things.  So I was thinking: 12 to give.  Also clothing items.  Also loose definition thereof.

Anyone with me?


2 thoughts on “12 and 12

  1. I think I want to join. I have so many scarves and hats and bags, when what I really need is cardigans and pullovers. I’d love to have a drawer full of things I’ve knit to wear.

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