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I cleaned out my bloglines.  I had more than 100 blogs in there.  Which is ridiculous.  And of course I couldn’t keep up.  Even the ones I read regularly I didn’t really absorb, because it had started to feel like an obligation.  So I went through and if I couldn’t remember anything about the blog or its author, it went.  If I didn’t really connect to any of the last ten posts, it went.  If I liked it, but not enough… gone.  I’m down to 39, and more will go if I don’t actually read them.

I can’t tell you how good it feels!  Partly the change was because the reasons/way I read blogs has changed.  When I first got into the heady world of internet communication, I was definitely a consumer.  I wanted content thatI could aspire to, I wanted more mainstream stuff.   After my purge, my feeds are more heavily Aussie, more every-day blogs rather than shiny instructive blogs,  more intimate in general.  I sorted through my flickr contacts in the same way.  And my webcomics and other links.  I think my productivity both at work and home has gone up!

Last night walking home from the bus stop, it was still cold.  It was still dark.  But I fancied that I could feel spring in the air.  Which is slightly ridiculous.  I mean… it’s two days after solstice.  Solstice being, of course, the shortest day of the year.  I know that today is shorter than this time last week.  It is definitely shorter than this time three weeks ago.  But it feels like something has shifted, something has opened, I fancy that I can feel the air getting warmer and the days stretching. 

I know I’m making things up, but I don’t care.  I feel like it’s ok now to unfold a little, because we’ve hit the top of the hill, and it might still be a looooong time until I will be warm all over again, until I can walk barefoot again, but we’re pointed in that direction now.

Last night when I got home, instead of sulking, I went outside and used the last ten minutes of dim light to do some weeding.  For once I don’t have much planned this week, and nothing on this weekend.  Oh, please, please let it stay that way!  I want to do things!  The BOM says it should be about 17 degrees, which is warm enough to open the windows at least for a bit.  Definitely warm enough for weeding and maybe mowing the lawn.  Maybe some painting?  Wouldn’t that be loverly…

I also plan on hitting the shops on Thursday and the Central Markets on Friday, and stocking UP.  Along with the rest of the house, I feel like the kitchen is a bit neglected.  Most of this is in my head, as the freezer is pretty full, and the cupboards moderately well stocked.  But I feel like it needs some attention.  Some awareness.  That seems to be what’s missing across the board – some mindfulness and thought.  I am sick of eating the same types of things, of being bored with my lunches.  I want to restock the basics so I have more options when I stare into the cupboard at the planning stages, and I have been hitting the books and websites looking for recipes I haven’t tried before. 

Lets see if I can’t domestic myself out of this slump…


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