On Thursday, some clever clogs cut an optic fibre cable, and anyone in adelaide who is with internode (which is anyone not in the dark ages still) had their internets cut off.  This was a tad upsetting, as you can imagine.  It especially caused chaos in the office, where we are encourage to entrust our lives and souls (ie, all our work documents) to the intranet.  Which runs off of the internet.

Luckily for me, I have been passive aggressively refusing to use it because 1) it’s shit, 2) it goes down at least once a week, for various reasons and 3) it’s shit.  So I had plenty of work to do and in fact got it done a lot quicker than normal on account of not stopping every ten minutes to obsessively check my email.  But there was much whinging that 1) there was nothing to do or 2) all the things there were to do were boring and hard, being the things you put off because they are boring and hard.  Like cleaning out the staionery cupboard, or typing evaluations.

Anyway, I couldn’t upload my picture for that day, obviously and… well… I hadn’t really gotten into the habit of doing it, so I sort of neglected to upload any of the next few days.  So I just did them all in a rush then.

I tell you what, it’s nice to be able to take photos in actual daylight!

YIP 7: 27.06.09 by you.

This is what I did today.  I weeded for three hours.  I took before and after photos, but the difference is not that obvious.  Still, it was satisfying – although I am exhausted!  The plants in this particular garden bed are looking a bit sorry for themselves, because they had to grow extra tall to compete with the weeds.  Now the weeds are gone, they are struggling to hold themselves up.  There are a bunch of mystery bulbs in there, I hope they flower soon so I can see what they are!

There is still a bunch to be done in the garden before I feel completely better about it – I didn’t weed everything, and then I will want to plant more stuff, of course.  But it doesn’t feel as neglected.  Although the grass itself kind of looks… sad.  It’s all damp and sort of… limp?  I don’t know if it’s not getting enough sun or what.  It’s not bad, but it’s clearly not a happy lawn.

Here is the other thing I did today:

YIP 8: 28.06.09 by you.

There’s something about having my laundry done that makes me feel satisfied, even if that’s the only thing I managed that day.


One thought on “YIP

  1. I am going to say “really” because our internet wasn’t affected at all – is there really an upside to being on the plan we are? Wow! And the garden fairies need to come visit me now ;).

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