Some more stuff what I made

I made a hat!

July 148 by you.

Trilobite hat from Knitty.  Cascade 220 I bought cos I wanted a hat.  As soon as I saw this pattern I knew it had to be mine.  Even though I am usually strongly anti-bobble.

Fuzz by you.

He’s waaatching you!

I started this a while ago, but I knit the bulk of it on Friday.  We had an all-staff day which mostly involved the admin staff getting there at 8 and running around like idiots, and also a lot of people talking about stuff that doesn’t involve us at all.  It was ok, but mostly cos I was allowed to knit.  Otherwise I think I might have gone crazy.

Many people were stunned and thrilled to see me knitting.  A junior member of staff declared the finished hat ‘wicked!’  That made me feel old.  I remember Michael Hutchins (no not that one: the one I went to primary school with) saying that and making me all confused because surely that was the opposite sentiment to what he meant?

Anna didn’t bring her knitting, so she held the ball of yarn in her hand and fed it to me as I knit.  When I cast off, she looked at the hat and said ‘I’ve touched all of that yarn’.  Which I thought was a nice sentiment because:

Not as intended by you.

This is a picture of the adult sized pattern trilobite hat, underneath a baby hat.  Oops.  I swear I got gauge.  I’ve had to rip a couple things lately cos I guess I’m tense (surprise!) and knitting tighter.  Anyway, a guy at work has just had a baby boy, so I think they can have the hat.  They won’t love it as much as me, but at least they’ll wear it.  Plus, I look silly in hats.

I really enjoyed knitting this, though.  It was super fun, and I love the way the single stitch cables make the spine of the trilobite – it’s so tactile!  You can’t really tell in the photos cos it’s still fuzzy form being a bit wet.  Here it is on ravelry.

The other hat was also for a colleague:

Bunneh Hat by you.

Bunny Tail from Itty Bitty hats (thanks Em for lending it to me!  I really should get myself a copy of this, it’s not like I wouldn’t use it…).  Rav link to my project.  It’s in Bendigo baby yarn, held double.

I made it for someone in the admin team who’s sister has just had a baby girl.  It was a bit of a trial because her sister is in a wheelchair (I can never remember what her condition is, so I won’t embarrass myself by saying the wrong one) and her health was a bit iffy at the end.  The baby ended up arriving a couple weeks early, so this one won’t fit her for a while.  I was intending to knit this hat, but on Saturday facebook told me of the early arrival, so Sunday night when my sister left for work, I sat down and started this.

By the time she came home, it was done and drying.  It took me about four hours (not counting untangling time – I held the yarn double and it was a bit tangly to say the least because I can never find the bit in the centre so I completely eviscerated the thing) otherwise known as five episodes of Doubleknit.  (What?  Shuffle just came up that way…)  The ear on the right is a bit shorter, and the one on the left leans in, and I didn’t do the pompom tail, and also I wish I had made the front not the part with the cast on but I DON’T CARE DO YOU HEAR ME!!!!  None of the people in the recipients family are crafters and, frankly, nobody will notice but me.

I will definitely knit this again – in fact, I’m thinking of knitting it again right away and having some stashed in case of baby.  (Would putting it behind glass, with a sign, be too extreme?)  My extended acquaintence is starting to do that reproducing thing, and handmade presents are nice.  These two hatsare my 1 and 2 to give – only ten to go, and if I stock up another couple baby hats, I’m laughing!

Frosty by you.

It was freaking COLD today.  The grass crunched when I walked on it.  Crunch crunch crunch scrunch.  And my socks got wet through my shoes.  Isn’t the light lovely, thought?

The grass didn’t make my YIP today, even though I think it’s prettier and a better photo than this one:

YIP 16: 06/07/09 by you.

I chose this one, even though it’s ever so slightly out of focus, because I can take a photo of grass anytime.  It’s at the front of the bus where there’s a thing to put ads in, but it always ends up getting filled with bus tickets.  I enjoyed this scrap of paper so much I even got my camera out in public, which I feel uncomfortable doing, for some reason.  Although after I got off the bus, I did take my FO photos in the middle of Port Road, in rush hour, so maybe I’m over that hurdle.

There was writing on the back but I couldn’t see what it said.  A shipping list, probably: milk, bread, vegemite, toilet paper, Them and the so-alones.  The emoness made me think fondly of my other bus times, as a teenager.  Bek and I were discussing today about how we were emo before it was invented.  I wonder what happened to all that horrible poetry and that not-quite-as-horrible prose that I wrote?  I think some of it must be somewhere.

We also discussed my sudden desire to open an etsy shop.  Do those of you who have one have anything to say on the matter?  I think the current hurdle (apart from the fact that it’s a lot of work!) is that I would have to value my own handiwork – enough to put a dollar value on it, compete with other products, and send it out into the wild.  That is a scary, scary thought.

Oh, here’s something else I made today!

I used valuable work time and resources (photoshop and illustrator, about five minutes) to put this kitteh head on this plane.  Woo me!


3 thoughts on “Some more stuff what I made

  1. I WOULD BUY YOUR ETSY HATS. Well, maybe one a bit bigger. One of the first things I bought from Etsy was a crochet hat with a piece of cake dangling from the top. True story.

  2. Etsy is fun if you are clever enough to maintain and advertise it. I currently am not, and I have two things current in my shop. Oops. But I still like it!

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