The night before

I am leaving tomorrow to catch a plane to Melbourne, where I plan to enjoy myself greatly, meeting up with some bloggy friends, and then down to Bendigo for the Sheep and Wool show.  I have been HANGING OUT for this holiday, friends. 

Friday at work I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.  I had reached the point, previous to that, where it was too much energy to even give a damn.  I mean, I was still doing my work, still earning my keep.  But… it was getting harder and harder to pretend that I cared.  Which is a horrible feeling because I do care, I do like my job.  I just… needed a holiday.

It had reached the point where I had the energy to live a normal life, or to work.  So I worked, and did almost nothing else.  I have pretty much seen one person outside of work for the last month.  Which, ironically, makes me tireder, because socialising  can be one of those things that revitalises you.  But I just have not had the resources.  I was running on empty.

But friday, just knowing that I was shaking the dust of work off of my feet for a week and a half… I felt so much more like my normal self!  And it was a shock to realise how long since I have felt ‘normal’.

Really, I don’t want you to get me wrong.  All I seem to do on this blog is whinge about how tired I am.  And I have been ridiculously tired lately.  But I know it’s something that will pass and it is, already.

YIP 19: 09/07/09 by you.

I am apparently obsessed with this wattle on my street.

I am enjoying doing the year in pictures, although somedays it’s strangely hard to get the camera out.  Here is the only picture I took all of yesterday.

YIP 21: 11/07/09 by you.

Not very inspiring, is it?  But that was such a nice day.  Let me tell you about it.

I got up and caught the bus into town.  I went traipsing around town looking for a flameproof casserolle that wasn’t a million dollars.  I spent an hour doing this, and then in the last ten minutes, I found the perfect one, and put it on layby (since I want more spending money for Bendigo!) and also bought a new stock pot.  Then I rushed off to see a talk from the Adelaide Festival of Ideas with a friend.  We went to the ‘sex, knowledge and society’ talk, and it was fantastic.  It’ll be podcast if you’re interested – I wanted to go in again for the ‘shame’ one today, but there was too much going on and I haven’t left the house.  But nevermind, I shall podcast that, too!

It felt so good to just sit and think.  I haven’t done that for a while.  And then we left the hall and talked about it.  Bliss!  I remember when I was a thinking person… I miss that.

This evening I seamed up my Rogue.  It’s been done for a week or two, but sitting in pieces.  I realised that the whole point of it was to wear it to Bendigo, so I had better get it put together!  I’m wearing it now – the sleeves are an incy bit short, but I think when I wash it they’ll ease out – I steam blocked it prior to seaming, but the sleeves are hemmed.  Otherwise, it is just about perfect!

I also cleaned and tidied the house.  It feels so much better – and not just cos it’s cleaner.  I realised I was standing straighter, looking up more.  I feel more comfortable, less cramped in my own skin.  And I’ve only been on holiday two days, both of those normal weekend days!

Here is today’s YIP

YIP 22: 12/07/09 by you.

I can see these from the loungeroom window, and they make me so happy!

This appears to be a bit of a nothing post.  But I wanted to blog before I set off for Victoria… I am feeling a bit anxious about the travelling, for no reason at all.  Or maybe there’s a reason – I only have one project to take with me!  I’ve started the lace on Juno, which is lovely.  But it’s a concentratey project, and everything else I have is in one stage or another of problem.  Maybe I’ll have to cast something on to take… wouldn’t that just be terrible!  😉


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