Well, hello there

Fancy seeing you! In a place like this… A nice girl like y…

That wasn’t where I was going with that. 

I appear to have fallen off the edge of the world again.

Short story short, holiday was FANTASTIC.  As last time, the highlight was meeting up with all you imaginary internet people.  As last time, I fully intend to write it up, or at least hit the highlights, but since I have a million photos to wade through and upload first, I don’t like your chances.  For those who are wondering, the photo breakdown goes something like this: 100 photos of alpacas.  50 of sheep.  100 of grafitti.  50 of random buildings.  50 of the sky.  About 10 of actual people or events, most of which ALSO include an alpaca, a sheep, or grafitti.

Going back to work was TOUGH.  I didn’t really have enough time after I got back to settle into my life again, and I am still sick.  Still can’t ride my bike in.  And I am not happy about it at all.  So the last week I’ve been sort of in hiding mode again, trying to recover from the shock.

My holiday didn’t make me any more patient with people – I still grit my teeth whenever someone brings me a job and then talks to me about it for longer than the job would take – but it did make it easier to hide, or ignore, which is even better.  This week has been report week, so there’s been a fair amount of said teeth gritting.  It’s been one of those weeks where I’m either frantically working or waiting for content and approvals, and actually have nothing to do.  But I’m working on not working myself up as much, and I’m doing ok with it.

Besides, I have something else to think about in the in between times.  I’ve started the wheels turning on an etsy store!  It’s called Said The Sparrow, and there’s currently nothing in it.  But it has a lovely banner from Thompson Designs, who were lovely working with me and my mind changing about what I wanted.  I’ve also ordered a custom stamp (along with one of the lovely bookplate ones) from Asspocket Productions (her shop name makes me smile every time I see it).  Who were also lovely with my mind changing.  It’s been strange to be a design client for once.  I’m sure I was super annoying!

Anyway, I have made a few prototypes for friends and family, on the proviso that they pose for photos.  This has had the two-birds impact of helping me work out the kinks of what I’m doing, and getting photos for custom orders.  Oh, and distributing the tutu love and joy, of course!  So, three birds.  Howzat!  Hopefully I’ll get them photographed this weekend, and then I can have actual products in my little store.

It’s lovely to have a purpose.  I’m not saying my life was without ultimate purpose last week, or that this provides it.  But it has given me a direction for crafting, and an impetus to do more of it.  And I forget how good making things makes me feel, even when the process is not so perfect.  And while I am certainly not going to be able to quit my job any time soon, or probably ever, to do the store – and that’s not my aim – it has been good to feel like my job isn’t me – it’s something I spend my time doing, but it’s not really what  I do.

Anyway, wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Well, hello there

  1. Good luck Kate! sounds super fun.

    Work has been a bit of a drag here too, would rather curl inwards and have on occassion been more snappy or disinterested than usual, but oh well that’s life sometimes isn’t it.

    Wish I could have caught up with you too and been one of those lovely peeps from the internet. It will happen some time, yes I’m sure it will.

  2. Yay! I have hearted you. And if I had money, you know I’d be asking/drooling for more tutus. But, alas, I am still as poor as the proverbial mouse in a church.

    Welcome back! Why does it feel like I haven’t seen you for eleventy million years?

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