I have this laminate wardrobe that I got for free just before we moved.  It’s actually an old kid’s wardrobe from IKEA.  It’s a really lovely midnight blue colour, which I actually love, except that it goes with nothing I own and is a bit dark.

I was originally thinking of painting or sticking stars on it and making it like a night sky.  But when we moved and I started on this painting kick (six months ago, when the weather didn’t hate painting) I decided I’d paint it.  Right now I have two conundrums.

The first is, I have this primer so you can paint laminate with normal paint and it’ll stick.  The instructions say to lightly sand the laminate and then paint with primer, leave for a week, etc etc.  I’ve sanded half of the wardrobe pieces, and it’s been sitting out the back for about three months because I HATE sanding and I can’t get up the energy to do it and also all this blue dust comes off and if it’s warm enough to sand it’s too warm to wear gloves which is the only way not to get stained hands.  <deep breath>  The trouble is that ‘lightly sanding’ does nothing and in order to get any roughness at all, which I assume is the point, there has to be quite a bit of sanding.

So my question is, I keep deciding to just chuck the sanding and paint it, or just do a lick and a promise sanding and then paint it.  And I keep chickening out because I am a Good Girl™ and I follow the instructions, especially if I don’t know anything about the process.  Do all you good folks out there have any advice for me?  I am thinking of painting one of the shelves to see, but I really want to get it done ASAP.  Really.

The next question is colour.  I have three colour variations.  Blue, Green, and White.  This is the green:

Painted shelves by you.

And this is the blue:

Bedhead by you.

And the white is… white.

My bed is blue, obvs, and the other furniture that will be in my room will probably be blue, too.  I was thinking of painting the outside the same blue, the doors white (possibly with some sort of picture on them) and the inside green.  But then I keep changing my mind – inside white!  Outside green!  All of it green!  Blue!  White!

So, with the proviso that I’m probably going to ignore you all and go with whatever I feel like at the time if I ever get around to painting this damn thing… what do you all think?


3 thoughts on “Painting

  1. Here’s my two cents on sanding. The point of sanding is so the paint has a surface to “key” into, but it doesn’t have to be super rough, indeed for the last coat the sanding is quite fine and when we’re doing wood staining we often use a very fine steel wool. However right at the beginning I’d be tempted to use a coarser sandpaper and go over it lightly with that by hand (a good sanding block will help). But actually I am totally lazy and would use an elecctric sander. We have a cheapo orbital (I think) from bunnings which has special heads for getting into difficult places in furniture and I love it. Except I am not allowed to use it on windows anymore.

    I think blue or green. Actually blue and green?

  2. Did I ever mention my mr is a painter?

    A light sand is all you need, he informs me. He comes in useful quite often. And I like the idea of the wardrobe being blue to match the bed, but I’m fond of matchy-matchy like that probably because of my meyers-briggs thing which demands order of me.

  3. I think blue! And sanding’s a bitch. You should have seen how many weeks it took me to sand & stain a tiny shoe rack thing… I think it was double figures.

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