Shiny things!

I picked these today

Bounty by you.

I weeded around the side of the house for our inspection this week (hey, ho) and then I thought ‘I’ll pick some of those lemons.  The second crop is coming in.’  Now my sister is cross because that’s her laundry basket.  Whoops.  You can’t see from that photo, but it’s a good half metre tall.

Piled by you.

I’ve already got three jars of lemon curd mouldering in the fridge, alomst certianly off by now.  I think I will make some more curd to make a pie to take to work (hub week this week, oh, the joy) and then make marmalade since we are OUT which is UNACCEPTABLE.  Only it’ll have to wait until next week because I only have one cinnamon stick and it’s pretty old and crusty.  Also I haven’t the patience today.  Or maybe I’ll try a batch of microwave marmalade.

Does anyone know what this is?  I’m having great luck asking you people things so far, so:

What is this? by you.

Is it bugs?  A disease?  It’s on the weeds around the back and if it’s a nice bug, I’ll leave them there.  I’ve been squashing snails like crazy but I feel ambivalent about the caterpillars because I don’t know what they are and I like butterflies.  I am afraid my knowledge of garden beasts is pretty limited.

And here is a fuzzy soft focus photo of my bedroom, circa two days ago

Nut and Bee prints by you.

I took it to show off the nut and bee prints, before I took them down so that the inspection lady doesn’t think I’ve been drilling holes willy nilly.  Whoops.  Also because I’ve since moved half the furniture.  You can’t see them very well but I love them so much.  They are sleeping animals – a tapir, a deer and a bunny.  Like almost every etsy experience I’ve ever had, Nut and Bee was fantastic, and her prints are so lovely I want them all.

While we’re here, you can see my painted bed, reflected in the mirror of the wardrobe that will eventually be painted-maybe-I-am-not-sure-maybe-I-have-changed-my-mind.  Also the bedside table which MAY be painted although probably only white again – it’s shiny which I am not a fan of.  And the handles are gold.  I don’t like gold.  The little IKEA cabinet that houses the rest of my jewellery (earings top drawer, brooches middle drawers, random crap bottom drawer) is pretty much how I was originally planning on painting the other wardrobe.  The blue actually looks great with the white, I think.  It is sitting on a chest of drawers that has been through several houses with me and is probably one of my oldest pieces of furniture.  Come to think of it, I don’t think I own any large pieces of furniture that I acquired more than three years ago.  Huh.  I want to paint it, too.  I am not discussing colour at this moment, I simply refuse.  I was thinking of getting some knobs from here, there are plenty that match my intended colours.  I had a brief convo with the seller, who was lovely.  But it will be expensive so I’m putting it off until I know what I’m doing.

Tentacle by you.

You can also see my modest collection of necklaces.  Since I started rambling about them, I went and took photos of them.  But of course!  As you do.  They include this tentacle from bunnyx productions, which I only bought a few weeks ago and has been worn often and commented on almost as much.  It came on a really long piece of leather and I want it to sit higher up so it’s on a dodgy ribbon choker I made, (to wear to my dad’s funeral, actually.  I put it together while VERY drunk the night before and it’s a tad wonky, but it does) but I ought to go find some treated cotton and make a proper one.  Get thee to a bead shop!  It’s hanging in the blue/green group (of course) along with my green button necklace from Sarah’s shop, which I love SO MUCH.  This one has a story, too.

My colours by you.

When Sarah started her shop, Emma linked me. It was when I had just moved and I was paying two lots of rent.  I saw the green one and knew it belonged to me.  But I didn’t buy it, because I was being fiscally responsible.  A week later, after thinking about it every day, I threw caution to the wind and went back to buy it and it was gone!  I was genuinely upset.  That weekend, Emma and I went shopping and she told me she had a housewarming present for me.  You guessed it, it was the necklace!  I may have squeed.

Also in that bunch are the fake pearl necklace I bought for 50 cents at a church op shop on Goodwood Road, near where I used to live.  It was open weird hours – Tuesday from 10-2, that kind of thing.  But it was so good inside, and the old ladies who ran it would offer you tea and biscuits, and then when you went to pay, charged you a dollar the lot.  A boon for a poor uni student!  And lurking up the back is the jade necklace that Megan, my best friend in China, bought me as a going away present.

Tentacle by you.

Since a lot of my winter work clothes are various shades of grey and black, these ones get a workout.  Along with the red bead ones which I bought in a market in China – I’m pretty sure they were meant as supplies, but I just wear them.  🙂  They were from the bird and flower market in Yunan.  That place was seriously fantastic, I could have spent a week in there and not gotten bored.

Then there’s the black group.  I like black.

Dark ones by you.

The one on the left was bought at Mudhoney in North Adelaide.  I bought it to go with a dress I bought in Portmans at harbourtown for $10 dollars down from $200, to wear to my work christmas party which I didn’t end up going to because I had to work that night, and the shipment was three hours late, so by the time I got home to change I ended up getting subway and going to bed.  The middle one is freshwater pearls.  Apparently they’re genuine, but I am suspiscious since I bought them for 100 Yuan in the guest shop of Astor House as I was leaving China. 

I stayed there for the one night I was in Shanghai on the way home because I was too tired to find somewhere cheaper and it was far too swanky for me.  It was so Colonial and rich.  I have this really vivid memory of the hallways – rich wood flooring, and it all creaked.  The bathroom was incredible!  Especially after a year of living in buildings that were meant to last a couple of years and then they’d pull them down again.  A lot of my memories of China are like that – really visceral, visual, aural, I can practically BE there again.  My suitcase fell apart on the way out the door to the taxi and the bellboy was mortified and fixed it for me.  I didn’t tell him it’d be threatening to do that for quite some time.

Lock by you.

Whoops, memory lane!  The last one on this branch of the lemon tree is from Untamed Menagerie on etsy.  I also bought a brooch and some earings from them.  I broke the brooch in our last move, and then two weeks later the chain of this necklace broke in my hand.  I mentioned this in my feedback and they refunded my money AND sent me out replacements, even thought I broke the brooch myself, not their fault at all.  I’ve not had any trouble with this new lot, and they get a lot of wear.  They don’t have much stock at the moment, but they’re worth a look.  I want almost everything in the store and I’ll definitely be shopping there again. 

In the same vein are Isette  (I want everything in that store no exaggerations.  But the epershand necklace and moustache earings will be mine before the year is out.  Yes.  Yes, they will.) and, more cute and less sophisticated, Cupcakes and Mace and Plastique, which I love because I’m a font geek. Oh no, I just found a new one to covet: Sarah Keyes.  I’ve also got my eye on Sophie Hill, who is Australian which I always like to buy if I can.  There’s a lot of lovely acrylic jewellery out there and, especially if you like rings (which I am too much of a fiddler to wear) they are all different enough from your normal fare that they make a splash.  Especially somewhere like Adelaide where everyone shops in the same places, it’s lovely to have something a bit different.

Necklaces by you.

Well.  So that’s my necklace collection.  😛  Riveting, no?  It was a nice trip down memory lane.  I hadn’t thought about Astor house in probably a year or more.  I like that they all have stories – except the ones on the left, the blue ones, which I bought variously in China and at the CAA store when it was still called CAA and not Oxfam, and I was volunteering there.  Well, I guess they do have stories, but not very interesting ones.  I never wear them, I should just get rid of them.

And while we’re on things that I like that I will tell you about for no reason: some podcasts I have been loving lately.  Escape Pod, an old friend, I am enjoying new stories and old ones that take me back and make me think.  Steve Eley is fantastic.  And my new find, Stop Podcasting Yourself.  I often find humour podcasts too blokey and too mean.  Perhaps it’s cos they’re Canadian (racial stereotyping omg!!!) but I really love this one.


3 thoughts on “Shiny things!

  1. i think the stuff on the leaves might be scale? don’t rely on me though!!! take a leaf to a nursery, they should be able to tell you 🙂

    the jewellery is gorgeous, too

  2. Re: Leaves…I can’t prove it but I’m pretty sure that’s scale – it doesn’t look fungal. If it’s on your *weeds* I wouldn’t bother about it. Just keep an eye for it on the plants you care about. If it becomes an issue, something like white oil should kill them.

    Re: Pearls…You’re probably already aware, but you can get some great bargains on real pearls (where “real” = not plastic). They’re still from an oyster, only they’ve been cultured rather than randomly/naturally occurring. I’m not sure you can tell the difference between cultured pearls and wild pearls without a monocle and a lot of experience.

    Re: Necklaces…I have severe tentacle envy. I think I need one to wear with my hentai t-shirt. (What? It’s been legitimised by art.'s_Wife)

    Re: The other stuff…You’ll get through it. Take your time and stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. Regardless, it’s good to hear how you’re doing.

  3. My general approach to garden bugs & diseases is to try to ignore them and just feed the plant more compost. Plamts that are happy and well looked after tend to survive the odd pest and ward off disease. So water (when you’re allowed, or with shower water or whatever) and add compost. Compost fixes everything. I also tend to prune off anything that looks diseasey and chuck it in the bin (not the compost) to help with infection/bug control.

    Now I will stop procrastinating, try to ignore how jealous I am of the lemons, and get some work done…

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