I woke up with ‘Heavans Mr Evans’ in my head this morning:

So of course I had to listen to that on the bus, and then since it is not my favourite I listened to ‘On the Floor’ which is the John Hewson/Paul Keating rap off.  Those two things made me think of these two things:


Comedy Gold.  When my parents were building our house, my bedroom was opposite where the TV was.  Since it was still being built, my door had no doorknob.  I would stand very still in my dressinggown, watching the Late Show through the hole.  I didn’t get almost any of it, but I knew it was funny.  And  can still got from standing to feigning sleep in 2 seconds.  Life skills, people.

And then I found more late show skits that I know off by heart: Understanding Wogs, Shirty the Slightly Aggressive Bear (ironically played by Russell Crowe in the bear suit), some Something Stupid sketches, Graham and the Colnel.  Some significant holes.  Only one G&C skit, one Dinner Party sketch but not the best one, not the one about the people you will encounter, where Rob ‘plays’ an up himself know it all and Santo ‘plays’ the one who is always getting it a bit wrong, nicely foreshadowing every episode of the Panel ever.  No Santo the magnificent, which I ripped off in its entirety for my Year 12 Retreat talent show performance.  No Shitscared!

I guess I’ll have to go home and crack out the VHS tapes.


Whadya reckon?

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