My garden, let me show you it

Garden Tour 1 by you.

This is the garden bed that gets the most sun, by a small amount.  I put the trellis thing up yesterday for the peas.  Snow peas or regular peas, I’m not sure.  I think snow peas?  I can’t remember which bed has which.  Marigolds in the front looking a bit daggy, the green clump in the middle is I think foxgloves.  I’ve planted corn and pumpkin and a couple of chillies in here, and just off to the left is spinach.  And you can see the lemon tree on the left, creeping into shot.  It’s an attention seeker, you can tell, can’t you?

Garden Tour 2 by you.

This is my favourite corner.  I know, it just looks messy.  But really, it’s delightful.  The bed we just looked at is to my left in this photo.  The straggly grass is lawn, but it doesn’t grow that well under there and I thought I’d just let it go to seed for the birds because it’s depressing when it’s mown.  The garden bed bit there I found was paved, when I went to go dig it, can you believe?  And covered over with dirt.  I don’t understand.  So I dug it up and did a super dodgy paving job in the front, as you can see, with the left over pavers.

Garden Tour 3 by you.

Looks much more orderly like this, no?  I don’t know what that purple flower is to the left, but it’s pretty.  And the neighbour’s tree (mandarins?  I think…) is hanging over.  That’s the neighbours that have epic table tennis battles. To the right is the treehouse, under which I planted mint seeds but they haven’t come up, and then the bunnies and then the shed.  And then that weird cubby house thing and then another garden bed but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Garden Tour 4 by you.

We have two kinds of tomato (roma and something else, wow I am good with the technical details!) and capsicum and a chilli and zucchinis and peas up the back.  Originally I bought two punnets – snow and regular, and I think the regular ended up here but I might be wrong.  Anyway, only about half of them made it cos some of them got smooshed and then they dried out, so I bought another punnet of snow peas this weekend and they went in up the back.  I figure snow peas are more likely to make it into the house, so I went with more of them.

Tomato! by you.

WOO TOMATO WOO!!!  Some of the plants in this bed show evidence of NIBBLING so I shall have to get some sand/sawdust and also some beer. 

Garden Tour 5 by you.

This is the other garden bed that I was talking about earlier when I was getting ahead of myself.  Oh, hi bike and laundry door!  And also to the left is a walkway which we don’t use much because my sister parks her car so you can’t really get out of the gate.  But there is a surprise down there, oops, getting ahead again.

This one has cucumbers, squash, basil, chilli (I don’t have a weird fixation on chilli, btw, I shared the punnet between all the beds) spring onions and I think that’s it.  It’s a bit bare, but I have to figure out what else I’ll achully eat.

To the right you can see a pot which has parsley in it.  Continental, natch.  To the left off shot is this

Spinach by you.

Mmmmm spinach.  It has been the first thing I have been eating.  So I planted more this weekend.  And the one to the left of it has chives and thyme.

So I’ve basically turned around in a big circle from where we started, and from where I took the photo of the above bed, if I turn to the right is this:

Garden Tour 5 by you.

And the lemon tree is just above those white pansies on the far right.  And if I kept walking straight I’d go down the other side of the house where the washing line and also the jasmine is.  The smells of laundry and jasmine are getting a bit conflated in my mind.  Also you can see the bits of the wardrobe out for sanding.  I bought an electric sander yesterday!

I love those ranaculas so much.

Garden Tour 6 by you.

So much, you get more!  MOAR!!!  Also, pansies.  There are dahlias in there too, and some other bulbs that may or may not come up.  I hope the tulips do because I love tulips more than ranaculas, even.  When I was a kid, there was one red tulip with a black centre in our garden bed, slowly being taken over by seaside daisies.  And when it bloomed, I always knew it was almost my birthday.

Anyway, back to that last bed, the one with the trellis and the… was it…

Barbie peas by you.

Peas!  They are so pretty.  This was one of the first things to go in the garden and I have no idea if they are just ornamental or not.  (Serious, guys.  Memory of a goldfish.  Which is part of the reason I’m doing this here.) They certainly had a hard time working out the trellis.  But they’re so pretty!

Frills by you.

Around the back of this trellis are some strugling poppies which I planted at the same time as the peas.  They have buds, but they’re awful droopy, so may not flower.  I hope they do because I love poppies the most out of any flower ever, even more than ranaculas and tulips!

And if we keep walking around the corner, down the path towards the car and the bins, there’s some miscellaneous shrubs and…

Yellow promise by you.

Huh.  That looks like a something.  I wonder if…

ZOMG by you.

OH SWEET JESUS THERE’S AN ALIEN ON MY TREE… oh, wait.  I guess that is a flower.  A passionfruit flower. 

Show off.  Think you’re all special and stuff, don’t you.

This one was a bit of a surprise.  (Literally – I saw the flower from the kitchen window last night, and I almost jumped out of my skin!) I knew it was there, cos I had seen the vine creeping along the gate.  But I couldn’t figure out where the plant was actually planted.  Granted, I didn’t give it much thought.  It’s all draped over some shrubs, and I thought it was planted behind them, but no:

Sad by you.

It’s in the middle of that bed, but just sort of hooked on a nail.  Seriously.  So it’s crept off to the right and found something to support it.  I might have to get some more of that plastic trellis stuff and hook it up because this part is really sad looking and I don’t really want a huge vine taking over the bins.  I pruned it a bit but I want to wait until I can sort of get it properly strung up and then maybe I’ll feed it.

That’s my garden!  I realise that photos of beds with straw on them is not really fascinating, but just looking at them I feel all excited.

Now I’m going to go sit in it and enjoy the sun.  Bye!


4 thoughts on “My garden, let me show you it

  1. I love a good garden tour! The viney thing with the purple flower looks like something we call potato vine. It’s a south amercian type of jasmine. Poppies all have drooppy heads too I think…. well mine did and they still flowered. We still have a wasteland/very much blank slate look going on.

  2. The flowering peas you’ve got (the pink one) looks like a sweet pea, which is ornamental. Edible peas have white flowers, but some sweet peas do too. The ornamental peas have a small and unapetising pea-looking thing that turns up on them too.

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