Ages ago I bought some Rowan Summer Tweed from ebay seller Cumberpatch.  I was planning to make Hey, Teach!  The ebay seller was great (check her out, she has some great deals), and the yarn is LOVELY. 

September 152 by you.


The bright flecks are brighter and more contrasty than I expected.

September 150 by you.

It really is beautiful but I just don’t see myself wearing it.  I just don’t have the flair.  The ones on ravelry that are knit up look fantastic, but given that it’s still lurking in my stash a year or so later, and I still feel ambivalent about it…

Ambivalence by you.

It needs a new home.  I looked online and it looks like Summer Tweed goes for about thirteen bucks at the cheapest, here in Oz.  I’m willing to part with these ten whole skeins to a good home for $90 and I’ll post it to you free.  The bag is the original bag and has not been opened – not even to fondle!  I’ve been very restrained.

Here is the rav link so you can go look at what other people have done with it.

Anyone intersted?  I’ll check the dyelot in case anyone wants a single skein or two.  Maybe then I can justify keeping the rest…


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