A while back I decided I was going to crochet a ripple blanket.  That would be a good thing, I thought, to use up scraps and also all those odd balls I have of things I bought before I was really a knitter.  Dull colours or weird shades or not so soft.  Things that won’t ever be a project of their own, but in other combinations will have their moment.  The scrappier the better!

But, well, I can’t actually crochet.  I mean, not to speak of.  I can do it, but it’s hard and I have to concentrate and they’re all wonky.  And I find it intimidating.  So I never really got around to it.

Then, I decided I’d crochet a granny square afghan.  Or maybe a hexagon one!  I keep seeing them online and the colours, oh man!  I love love love the scrappy ones.  And I love the way one colour looks completely different depending on the combination it’s in.  I like them edged in white, and I like them edged in black.  I loved Kgirls granny afghan she did for her daughter – I loved everything about the project, the sentiment, the effort.  We had a couple of conversations about it and I decide to buy white yarn to edge them but I never did.

And then, I found Sarah London’s blog.  Again, there’ve been links to it I keep seeing, but.  Pow!  Wham!  GOTCHA!!!

The colours!  Oh, man, the colours.  I suspect she’s bumping up the colours because that pink looks a bit radioactive on my screen, but, still… And then there’s the Hexagon Love pool on flickr.  This is what I want.  Now.  I want it NOW.

I love her granny a day’s, where she photographs the squares with every day objects of the same colourways.  And more recent ones where she takes colourways from fabrics.  Interesting combinations that I would never think of.  She has a couple of posts for her granny hexs showing how she goes about picking the next colour.  I think it’s an opportunity to use colours I am shy of, or dislike by themselves.  To get a bit more adventurous and exciting.  To experiment, because I always find colour intimidating and challenging.  And I don’t mind if it ends up more scrappy than planned, at least for the first one.

I am going to go in to town tonight and pick out five candy icecream colours to start pepping up my stash with.  And I’m goign to start.  It make take me years, but I am going to have a hex blanket in all shades of the rainbow.  And then maybe I’ll do a mini hex one, or a real granny one.  It’s important to have goals, right?

And then I am going to make one of THESE!!  Imagine it in all cool colours, or all warm.  Or a natural colour and some red scattered in…

You don’t think that’s too ambitious, do you?


2 thoughts on “Obsession

  1. granny squares are pretty easy once you get the hang of it – actually I’m wearing my ‘putie wrap which was made out of wool scraps from my mum in shades of red orange and pink. I think crochet is fun, but then I can’t knit anything more complicated than a rectangle in a variation of plain or purl!

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