My bed, let me show you it

Bed canopy 2 by you.

I bought this canopy for myself when I was in highschool, and recently requested it from my parent’s shed.  It’s like a cozy cave.

Bed canopy 5 by you.

As it’s a bit cumbersome covering the whole bed, it stays like this most of the time, so that I don’t entagle myself with wild flailing when the alarm goes off in the morning.

Bed canopy 3 by you.

I wish I’d hung it a bit closer to the head, now, because of that.  It looks a bit silly, doesn’t it?  Ah, well.  It’s a canopy, it’s meant to be a bit silly!  I might hang something from the centre, stars or birds or flowers, maybe.  It’s the first thing I see when I wake up.  Lovely!

My bed is my most favourite place in the whole wide world. 

I believe we’ve discussed how predictable consistent I am re: colour, before.

Jewellery by you.

I took all of my earings and brooches and hair things out of the blue drawers and put them on ribbons.  Yes, I just happened to have those exact colours.  Seriously.  The whole middle ribbon is hair things, which is a bit hilarious since my hair is super short.  However, I have decided to grow it out a bit because I want to be able to have pigtails again.  So hopefully they’ll get some use.

But it’s not ALL about the cool end of the spectrum!  Here are some flowers we bought last weekend when we went to go see Up (which was fantastic even though my mother wouldn’t stop patting me and I almost had a panic attack.  I highly recommend it.  The movie, not panic attacks)

Red and white by you.

Daisies and I think Asters?  So cheerful, and fortuitously match our dining area!  They’ve been brightening my week up.


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