Obsession update

Instead of leaving it to languish as usual, I actually DID something about this one.

On Friday I went into Spotlight (otherwise known as The End of All Hope) and bought five bright skeins to punch up my stash.  When I got home I placed every suitable DK yarn in a circle, thus:

Original wheel by you.

New yarn pointed out in notes on the Flickr page

The yellow and the light green down the bottom are from a second trip, because I realised that I have NO yellow in my stash at all!  Although that’s a small lie – there are a couple warm colours tied up in a WIP that I think I’ll have plenty of left to add to the blanket.  I practically gave myself RSI working on it today, but as it’s currently sitting on 444 stitches a round, it’s going to be a while yet.  Still, it was nice to get it out, gave me a nice sense of accomplishment.

As a slight diversion from my story, the second trip to the Pit of Despair (I hate Spotlight so, so much) was after taking my bunny Pie to the vet.  Her teeth are growing at weird angles, one up and one down so that she has an absess.  She needs surgery, which is tomorrow.  I am super nervous because bunnies are hard to operate on.  I have to give her antibiotics in the meantime which is very distressing because her mouth hurts and she hates it so much.  I cried the after the first time.  So upsetting, because she’s such a sweet bunny, so I know when she resists something that she is in a lot of pain.  She was exploring the vet’s table and trying to hop up onto the scales herself while the vet was basically telling me she’s quite likely not to wake up, and carefully NOT suggesting any alternatives.

Anyway.  Back to the happies.

Edited wheel by you.

With the help of my sister I culled the muddier colours.  I’m still not sure about the dark green, I’ve put it in a couple and it’s a fair bit darker than anything else in there.  I’m keeping my eye on it.

Colours by you.

Then I did a couple of trial squares with the rejects.  Partly to work out which version I wanted to do, mostly to learn!

Trail runs by you.

I ended up modifying it a bit from these anyway, but in the process I had that ‘ahah’ moment where I actually worked out what I was doing.

Once I got going, I realised that my colour choices were actual pretty limited within each colour group.  Especially since three of the greens are essentially exactly the same.  So I went back to the stash and pulled out some aran weights.

Boosted by you.

If you click on the photo you can see the notes on my flickr page, about them.  I’m not sure how that will fly, since I’m already working on a 3mm hook and it might be just too small.  But we’ll see.

I am pretty pleased with my efforts.  And I am proud of myself for learning a new skill, and also having at least SOME follow through.  I am resisting going online and ordering skads of new yarn, since I have at least enough to be going with.  Besides, the finances are a bit strained, what with Pie’s op, and my holiday coming up soon soon soon.  Which I need to finish Juno before, whoops!  I’ll be in Melbourne from October 28th until the 1st for my cousin’s wedding (Juno being her wedding gift, if it gets done in time).  So if anyone I haven’t already planned a meet up with is interested, let me know!


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