A cosy hideaway

More Apartment Therapy inspiration

I came across this today.


Ok so it’s a kid’s room.  Shhhh.  How awesome is that curtain around the bed!  And the leaves… I’ve had a slight obsession with those IKEA leaves, which I cannot find on their website.  Maybe I can use this as an excuse to buy some.  But you know how I posted about my bed?  This is the type of thing I want, somewhere cosy, a retreat but also welcoming and snuggly.  Like this OMG YOU GUYS it’s a fort competition.  Check it out!


Go look at all the other cool ones, and then look at the – GASP – Where the Wild Things Are blog.  Sorry, must go have  a lie down, I am so stupidly excited about this…

OK, go look at the blog, and look particularly at this post with the winners.  The winner is the coolest, but I love second place a whole lot:


The clouds are so sweet.  And she made the lamp out of bottle caps.  I love it, you guys.  I love it.

I also want a where the wild things are hat. 

Wild Thing Hat by jessyellenberger.

From here.  There’s an instructables link, too.  Maybe I’ll make myself one.  (I wonder if I ever looked that young?  I feel oooold today.  Surely this is ridiculously early to feel this old?) But maybe floppier, like this.  After I make myself a panda hat (current dilemma: straight up knit, or lightly felted?  I like lightly felted, but takes more thinking.)

I realise all this is very silly, but like the second place winner of the fort contest said, I’ve been drowning in adulthood lately.  Luckily there’s only myself to worry about and I can avoid a lot of it, but an antidote is better than avoiding things.  Sometimes I forget to be silly, which is sad.

On the weekend, I put new bedclothes on my bed. 

Bed, avec yellow by you.

Everything except the flat sheet is from the op shop.  I bought the yellow gingham cover because yellow!  Gingham!  I never intended to actually put it on my bed, thinking it would clash horribly.  This weekend I decided I didn’t care.  It’s actually supposed to go the other way but I love gingham a WHOLE lot more than I love stripes.  I also have gingham shoes.  The other day I had someone over and I kept stopping talking in the middle of sentences because I would be distracted by how much I love gingham, oooh look, gingham, on my feet!  Did I mention I love it?  They were bemused, to say the least.

Ahem.  Anyway, I put the cover on and then none of my pillow cases matched, so on went my thrifted stash of cases.  Originally intended for crafting, but they are so lovely I couldn’t cut into them.  And I think it looks lovely.  A whole lot brighter than I would have thought of even six months ago, but it’s so happy and I love it.  A cosy little fort.

Which it looks like I’ll be retreating to very soon as my sister has recently woken up from a nap and also gotten to the bit in her Hornblower bit where (SPOILER!!) Bush dies.  And she is v. grumpy and acting like a teenager and likely to reduce me to tears if I’m not careful.



2 thoughts on “A cosy hideaway

    1. Ha! No, I wrote most of it at work in a desperate attempt to prove that I canhold a train of thought for more than three seconds.

      Or are you referring to the bedding? 😛

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