I can do that!

One of the websites I read pretty much every day is Apartment Therapy.  This is because I like to torture myself with nice things I can’t have taunt myself with neat places and soothing spaces gather ideas for my own home, and sometimes just look at the pretty pictures.  They’re doing a colour theme at the moment, and some days it’s like candy for your eyes.  Eye candy, to coin a phrase.

Lately there’ve been a bunch of quilts (and crochet blankets, here and here, to give two examples) popping up.  Like this one:


From this post.  (oooh, bonus crochet hexagons!)  I don’t think I would want the brown, if it were mine, but I like the combo, and I like the tones.  I like that it is traditional but that the colours lift it and make it something different.  Maybe replace the brown with another nuetral that isn’t white?  How about a natural linen?

Or blue?


From here.  Also, check out the last pic on that post, with the white frame against the deep blue.  LOVE!  Here, as well.  (Mirrors!!)  I love those deep, bright blues.  Soothing but not boring, restful and exciting as well.  I think I am going to end up with the reverse – bright saturated furniture and acessories against a white background. Which makes sense since I will be renting in the forseeable future, and the walls are always white.


What about this one?  Oooh, look.  More crochet.  Is that even quilted?  Maybe it’s just a throw.  But how easy would it be to do?  I could totally make one for myself, and I bet it wouldn’t even take that long, if I actually DID it, which seems to be the problem with most of my crafts.  The actual doing it phase.  Like in my last post, it’s just easier not to do anything, really.  Playing computer games or noodling around on the internet is a simple way to spend an evening, and relaxing every now and then.  But when it means I don’t excercise or craft anything that can’t be done in five minute chunks, or even read much anymore… then there’s a problem.  And the problem isn’t the internet, it’s my motivation.

ANYWAY, I could do it like this.  I won’t steal Posie’s photos, so go look.  I think I probably have enough thrifted bedsheets that I could do it using only them.  And I think a tied quilt is a good way to get my feet wet – no actual quilting involved, which I suspect my machine will not handle well.

I borrowed a Modern Quilts book from the library – will find a reference later, it’s an Aussie one.  The ones I loved the most were either lots of little strips put together, or ones not quilted at all, or much.  There was an abstract rose one where the quilting was lines intersecting scattered roses.  It was devine!  But the one that’s relevant here was one that one indigo linen on one side (mmmm) and French toille on the other, and it was tied with French knots.  Simple, and beautiful.  It had running stitch around the edges and I wanted to snuggle under it.

I don’t think I’m going to start on a quilt like this tomorrow.  But I wouldn’t mind at least getting it started cutting in the next few months.  Again, if I just DID it, it won’t be hard.  And I’d love to have a summer weight quilt before the next heat wave!

An on a final note: speaking of inspiration, have you seen Attic 24?  The colours!  THE COLOURS!!!!


One thought on “I can do that!

  1. My bedroom at my parents place was pretty much that blue with white, and it was both soothing and lively. I loved it and I still get a bit wistful when I visit.

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