Recipe for perfect post

Begin with a blanket.  Then just free associate.

Five hexs by you.

I took these photos last weekend.  I have since added another round, which helped with the middle hex which I was a bit uncertain about, and am debating another – or should the next round be the white edging?

Tub o' yarn by you.

The yarn was getting in the way all laid out in colour order on the floor.  So I found this IKEA divider thingy that wasn’t currently being used, and whacked it in there.

Cool end by you.

It makes me smile every time I see it.  So colourful!

My favourite by you.

This one is my favourite.

A fan by you.

Although this comes a close second.  MMMM that green!

I am coming up with all sorts of excuses about why I must buy more yarn, NOW, for the blanket.  So far I have resisted by telling myself that I must wait until after my holiday.  It’s been a close run thing, though.

Cool end by you.

So addictive, those little hexes.  Round and round and round, watching the colours.  But not portable at all and also I ahve to watch my hands, so I can only listen to things while I do it, not watch.  Which is waht podcasts are for, am I right?  I’m totally right.

Tesselating by you.

They’ve been put away for a bit because I was trying to get some WIPs out the way (yes, ok, so I can use their leftovers in the blanket)  Also, I am flying out for my cousin’s wedding not this wednesday but the next, and I have one measly little repeat left on her stole and then I must block it.  I am starting to worry about where.  No carpets in my house, you see, and it’s pretty long.  Too long for my bed, even if I wanted to give it up for a night.  Maybe even too long for my foam puzzle pieces that I usually use, and anyway, they’ll surl up at the edges.  Might have to block it on a blanket on the lawn and hope the weather stays as nice as it is now so it will dry in a day.

Course, I have to finish it, first…

In other news, I WON SOMETHING!  This never happens.  I won a copy of ‘Handmade in Melbourne’ from Nikki at My Black Cardigan.

Handmade prize by you.

And I have read the introduction and then got distracted and haven’t had a moment to sit down with it and a cuppa… aaa, bliss!  I hope I get a chance to at least skim it before my holiday…

It came in lovely sewn-on wrapping paper, and with this bookmark:

'S true by you.

In news of other things that make you feel good: exercise!

Last night, after a nice weekend of doing some things, and a fair amount of lying in the sun, I was sitting in front of the computer feeling pretty cranky.  I was full of cupcake, which is delicious, but late in the evening can kind of make you feel icky.  I was idly contemplating doing some yoga, since I have been shanghai’d into a group yoga session tonight, and it’s been forever and ever since I did any.  I thought some stretching might be in order before I embarrased myself in public.  But it all jsut seemed so hard – well, not exactly, but it seemed easier just to sit on my bum and wait until it was time to go to bed, rather than changing, finding my yoga mat, and doing something.  And I was thinking how lovely the weather was, and how I am not going to get to ride my bike in this week, AGAIN, because every time the weather is nice (like this week) I am doing things after work every night that make having a bike inconvenient.  And then I thought… maybe I’ll go for a ride.

So I did.  Before I had a chance to think about it and talk myself out of it, I went and got my bike from out the back where it has been parked, in everyone’s way, for weeks.  I tucked my pants into my sock, slipped on some shoes, and went out the door.  I was only gone 15 minutes, but it was the 15 minutes just before the sun really set properly, and it was glorious.  It was a warm day, and you could smell the promise of summer in the air.  Plus, it was just nice to be doign something.

And then I came home and ended up doing some yoga, too.  My hamstrings are ridiculously tight, as they always are when I haven’t made a point of stretching them.  Freaking downwards dog, I tells ya…

And I felt so good.  Why do I always forget that you exercise because the payoff is feeling good?  Am working on trying to remember that.


One thought on “Recipe for perfect post

  1. Sorry it’s taken me sooo long to stop by. I am so glad you got the book and liked the wrapping paper and bookmark. I loved making them and sending them. xxx

    Your wool in that container looks so pretty. I hope the blanket is coming along and that the exercise has continued….

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