Oh, Nordic Ware.  Please stop tempting me.  I mean, I totally want you.  I want dinosaur muffins like you wouldn’t believe (also, why can I find a cheerleader cookie cutter but not one in the shape of a dino footprint?) but I’m trying not to overspend.  You understand, right?  I’ve put you on my christmas list, but… No, don’t look at me like that!  Yes, I lust after your pirate ship!   But how often will I bake a pirate ship cake?  Oh, yes, it would be worth it, but… fine.  I can’t reason with you when you are like this.

Ahem.  Here is the quilt book I was talking about.  It’s called Contemporary Quilts.  There do not appear to be any pictures of the interior on the internets, so I will take a couple happy snaps when I get a chance because they are goooood.  And I want to remember them.  I want to buy the book, but see above comments re: overspending.  I will write it down and if it’s still on the wish list in a couple months, I’ll think about it.

And while looking for photos of it I was reminded of the Purl bee’s tied quilt.  Even easier!  I could use thrifted sheets for that, too.  It’d be like Amanda Soule’s beach blanket, but for my bed.

Speaking of baking (yes, I was.  Sort of) I made these on the weekend:

Assembled by you.

Just cos.  Cos I felt like it.  I saw some on the internets somewhere, and I thought ‘hmmm.  Cookie monster cupcakes.  I can do that!’  He’s my equal second favorite muppet, you know.  Maybe I’ll make Oscar the Grouch cupcakes next.

Usually I do not enjoy the decorating, but I’ve cracked it.  I baked them one day, decorated the next.  Just like seaming – when I finish a knit project, it has to sit for a while before it becomes a seaming project not a knitting one and then I don’t mind.  The cookies were bought, the eyes are white choc melts with choc chips attached with sugar water (or icing, when I ran out) and the icing is just buttercream with scads of blue food colouring.  It was delicious, but I have to warn you, it will make your poop green.  Oh, yes, it will.  TMI anyone?

October 122 by you.




3 thoughts on “MOAR

  1. I LOVE THIS. That is all.

    No, wait, I especially love the one second row, far right, who looks completely alarmed at the cookie poking out from his mouth. And are they sugar covered? I must know. (This is the part where you say, “Get used to disappointment”.)

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