Flickr frustration

So, flickr just rolled out this lovely feature where you can tag people in your photos which I intend never to use (are you crazy?!  No.)  It also means that I can no longer right click and ‘copy’ on my own photos.  I realise flickr isn’t intended as a photo storage place, and I do always link back to them.  I upload them to flickr and then copy to my blog because I LIKE the social and sharing aspects of flickr, but I might just be uploading them straight to my blog from now on.  It’s a pain, and I will probably have to buy more storage from wordpress, but they can get my flickr subscription since I won’t need it as much. 

Aaaaand now I sound like an angry blogger with a chinbeard ‘you can’t take my copy paste away from me!  retribution!!!’.  That is not what I meant.  It’s just not worth my time and effort to upload, tag, and name a photo, and THEN have to click on ‘see all sizes’ in order to blog it.  Especially when we’re about to get capped at home and my internet at work is heinously slow – and not meant for blogging at any rate.  And then muck around resizing it because it’s huge.  This is not social media web 2.0.  This is old skool and I dislike it.

I was going to blog about a lovely day I had one the weekend, complete with photos, but now I’m cross again.  So only two photos for you.  The top one is a squash flower in my garden on Saturday.  And this is the same flower the next day:



Whadya reckon?

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