Some things I thought of while writing that last post:

TED talks have this fantastic little snippet especially for WordPress for you to put in your post when you want to embed video.  How lovely!  I find it not so easy to get things into WordPress.

In that vein, I have discovered that I can copy my photos from flick still, without going into ‘show all sizes’.  I just copy it from the front page bit, instead of going into each individual photo.  This is actually easier, which is nice.

TED talks are wonderful – I subscribe to the audio podcast and I love them.  Not only are there many though provoking and educational talks, I enjoy the sense of the atmosphere of hope and productivity and positiveness that seeps through them.  Everyone there is excited and happy, it’s wonderful!

While I was finishing Sahara I listened to a lovely Podcastle episode called Daughter of Botu.  It was beautiful, although I guessed the twist of the step mother being a fox far too early.  When I was in China there were always these historic costume dramas on, with lovely magical realism and bizarre costumes.  Imagine if ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ had been edited by Barbara Cartland, basically.  And the women were always turning into foxes. I still don’t get it, but it’s clearly a meme of some sort.  Then again, I never really got many European folk tales and their memes, although some of that is because I always heard the bowdlereised version – he cuts him open and they’re still alive in there?  Please.  Any self-respecting three year old knows that’s bunk.  I wonder if that’s why I have this weird fear of being eaten alive and then digested – like, by a python.  Or like wasps do to catterpillars.  Shudder. Also, clearly the step sisters did not repent.  Much more satisfying to roll them down the hill in barrells of spikes.

That is all.


One thought on “Addendum

  1. Yes, but if I copy photos into blogger that way they only come out at the size of photo on flickr’s page – ie on the first page of my photostream pictures are larger than subsequent pages and these difference come out of the blog page. Does that happen to you too??

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