Dear imaginary friends,

Please help.  My mother has said she will buy me an overlocker for my birthday/christmas.  I am v. excited about this as I am pretending it will make me sew more.  (hahahahah).  She said to me, I can have whatever I like, jsut tell her what and how much and she will buy it, or else transfer the money and I can buy it. (!!!!)

But I know exactly nothing about overlockers.  In fact, I find them vaugely terrifying.  I don’t think I need a fancy one, but then, what do I know?  Maybe I DO need a fancy one!  And I don’t want to buy one and then find out ina  few years that I need to upgrade.  So, what do you all think I need it to do?  What are your experiences with yours?  What should I look out for, and what brands do you guys have?

I am thinking that a cap of $1000 is reasonable, I don’t feel comfortable asking for something more than that, unless it’s absolutely necessary to get value, in which case I can pitch in some moneys.


yours, Kate


6 thoughts on “Advice

  1. Well the frog and I share an Aldi overlocker (it was $200) and it’s been fine for the six months or so that we’ve had it.

    Go to some shops and ask to try a few out, ask them to show you how to re-thread and change the needle, move the knife etc, have a look at the instructions and see if they seem to make sense, ask if the shops have any lessons available for new owners. My Mum got a few free lessons with her latest sewing machine and it’s made a real difference to her confidence in using it.

  2. Hi there, Bek sent me over…

    I have a Bernette overlocker and it’s ace. I’ve had it for about 12 years and have never had a problem with it, and I use it quite regularly. It has very clear paths for threading – though once someone shows you the trick of rethreading the loopers you won’t need that so much.

    The trick is that once the machine is threaded for the first time, you should never have to rethread the loopers again (unless you get a breakage, so actually it is worth learning). Just cut the thread near the spool, and tie a small simple knot with the new thread, trim the ends to a few mm, then sew – the new thread with stitch through. Wastes a little bit of thread, but it’s worth it. The stitcher threads are very easy to thread, just like a sewing machine.

    From what I’ve seen, overlockers are all pretty much the same. I’d recommend buying a new one from a sewing machine shop – who often give a free lesson with a purchase.

    Good luck – and hey, if you do move to Melb (like Bek suggested you might), I’d be happy to give you a lesson 🙂

  3. Dear not imaginary friend (I’ve met you, I know you are real…)

    I love my overlocker and use it heaps, and it will make you sew more. I can’t believe I put off buying one for a decade or more.

    I agree with KateI that they are all pretty much the same, so long as they are 4 thread. 3 threads are rare these days so I don’t think you’d accidentally buy one but just worth mentioning (4 thread seams as well as finishing).

    I also reckon that no matter what, your threads will break at some point and you will have to re thread and no matter whether you have been shown what to do, you will still freak out and have to work it out from diagrams that seem really confusing but eventually you will. And feel really fabulous about it. Overlockers are complicated machines so even when they are made and explained well they are complicated. Accept it and save yourself a lot of surprise and frustration later on.

    Mine is a Janome (MyLock 774D) and cost about $500 from memory. I bought Janome because that’s what my sewing machine is and it seemed sensible to only have one manufacturer to deal with for such things.

    Your not imaginary friend, Sooz

  4. I can’t help, I’m afraid… but my mum has a Janome sewing machine with an overlocker built into the side of it. I want it and she won’t give it to me. Wait, you mean this isn’t all about ME? Carry on then.

  5. Didn’t I post a comment? Weird. Anyway, the comment I (thought I) posted was all about ME. Also it was under my wordpress login which I never use so you won’t know that the ME it was all about, is ME. Now you do. Carry on.

  6. I’m trying to figure out what sewing machine to buy myself, so I won’t be of any use. 😛 Mum heartily disapproves of me buying a new machine, as she has an Elna (that is a piece of crap) and wants me to use that instead. Sigh. 🙂

    So anyway, have you ever used Madeit? And how is Etsy going?

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