I was in Melbourne, as some of you know, for my cousin’s wedding.  The wedding got rained out (it was originally planned ot be in the Pioneer Women’s Gardens) but went fantastically anyhow.


I was knitting Juno for the wedding.  I started planning when they announced their engagement, two years ago.  It took me just on a year and a half, although there were several periods of no knitting in there. 


I finished it the week before we left, which meant I had the weekend to block it.  I rule at deadlines.

Here it is on ravelry.

As pretty as the lace on the ends is, I really love the railway track bit in the middle.

Tracks 2

I know I’m about the fifty billionth blogger to say this, but blocking lace = SO MUCH AWESOME. 

It went from a pretty pile of pretty fibre to…. a THING.  So weird.  SO magic.

The silk was from Sunshine Yarns.  I bought it from their etsy store, which I believe is now closed, but they have a proper internet store.  I am seriously tempted to buy more and make another one for myself.  But then again, maybe I’ll make Muir or the Seascape Stole, both of which I covet, and have the yarn for.

This heatwave is really taking its toll on my knitting, though.  It’s not been below 20 degrees for a week and this week we’ve got two days forecast to be over 40.  IN NOVEMBER, I MIGHT ADD.


One thought on “Juno

  1. holy moly woman, you have some serious magical knitting powers. I bow down in awe.
    That’s the prettiest scarf I’ve seen in a long time. Can you imagine wearing it? I’m sure you can, you probably tried it on!

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