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New Twist Collective is up.

Flower embroidery quilt

Flower quilt, made from thrifted embroidered linens.

I must say, I found it  abit disappointing.  Nothing really blew my mind this time round – or maybe that’s just because I already have so many things I want to knit, that I’m not so easily excited?

French toile quilt

French toile quilt

The more disappointing thing is that everything I liked was in 10ply.  Now, I know it’s a thing in the US that most knits are 10 ply, and it’s their autumn, so it makes sense.  But I was really enjoying the resurgence of 8 and 5 ply patterns, not only from the point of view of finding yarn subs, but from a practicality point of view – I VERY rarely need an 10 ply jumper.  From a warmth or an added bulk point of view.

Rose quilt

Karigami is cute, but I can’t see myself wearing it.  Especially since: 10 ply.  I really liked mystere and Cambridge Cables. 10ply.  Kelmscott is also pretty awesome.  Guess what weight?

Maybe I should get over it.  I mean, I have two 12 ply jumpers (both open at the front thought) and Rogue is 10 ply.  But I just feel like they have limited utility – even in winter, my office is heated so I end up wearing a lighter jumper inside.  I don’t need more that I have, whereas there is a large gap in the 8 and 5 ply weight.

The only one that I liked that was 8 ply was tanit’s jacket, which is cute, but… kind of stumpy making, I feel.  I just don’t think that one is friendly for the curvy among us.  Which is fine, there’s no need for it to be.  I guess I could lengthen it, that would help.

Also, I finally uploaded pics of the contemporary quilt book I was talking about earlier.  I mean, obviously.

There’s many other nice quilts in there, these were just the ones that tickled my particular fancy.  Mostly because, as I said earlier, they are not closely quilted, or not quilted at all.  Pretties.


One thought on “This and that

  1. Huh, I really liked Kelmscott, but didn’t pay much attention to the yarn weight, partly because at my rate of knitting I might get to it in about a decade. Although the airconditioning in my office is extreme, so I might get some use out of it. Or I might try to adjust the pattern for a lighter weight yarn.

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