One of my recurring obsessions is Gingham.  No idea why, but I love it.  On the weekend I braved the Pit of DESPAIR!!!! otherwise known as Spotlight, and bought 4 metres of it.  I am thinking maybe a skirt like this:

From Gertie’s blog for better sewing with which I am currently obsessed

I did find some gingham silk in DKs (the above skirt is made of taffeta) and almost had a heart attack on the floor, but it was $42 a metre (I did check the ticket twice because that didn’t seem right) which I couldn’t really justify.  But maybe, someday.

Paint strokes

I love the way it looks like paint strokes

But 4 metres will do me a shirt, too.  I would LOVE a gingham shirt, but I don’t want to look too much like I’m heading down to milk the cows.  Just enough like that.  So I did a quick search and these two look nice:

From Fred Perry

I especially like the top one, I like the subtleness of both the peter pan collar and the black/red gingham.

And then I saw this photo on the craftzine blog.

Sewingbible Projects1

It’s from the The Sewing Bible, which I might have to get my grubby hands on.  I’d like to flip through it first to get a feel for the projects (the picture in question involves the skirt and not, I suspect, the shirt) but I’d like something like this for when I’m feeling nervous.  I still am a bit manic depressive about clothes sewing – I either feel like I can sew ANYTHING EVER, or like everything is not good enough and it’s all too hard.  Obviously the truth is somewhere in between.  I like the idea of a book I can work through projects on, a bit like the Vogue New Book of Better Sewing that Gertie is working through, I guess.

Anyway, back to the gingham.  If I don’t get around to getting my pattern blocks in order in the next few weeks, I might look into this pattern:

image of M5929

(Click on the pic for a link)  That might be too many ruffles, but there is a one-layer ruffle option.  Speaking of ruffles, there were some doozies on the McCall’s website.  Like this.  Or this.  Or this:

image of M5930

To which my first reaction was ‘sweet jesus god!!! What IS this??’ and my second reaction was ‘contemporary trendsetting designs?  REALLY?’

I’m not sure exactly what they mean by ‘contemporary’ (to what??) or ‘trendsetting’ or even, really, ‘designs’, but apparently that’s a ven diagram that includes minkie jumpsuits

image of M5963

That poor tot doesn’t know what to think!

And pet beds

image of M5677

From the stuff by hilary duff collection.  I wish I was making this up.

It also incluldes polar fleece vests, aprons (although I admit, tulle on an apron seems like a good idea to me), clown pyjamas for children, and, in the plus size category, ‘I hate my body’ sacks:

image of M5892image of M5939







With bows!

image of M5629

PS, check out all my gingham!



11 thoughts on “Gingham

  1. Despite all my assertations about the fabrics at Spotlight, I have to admit I have been checking out their gingham lately. Love the black and white- classic.
    I am a little bit scared by the Mcalls stuff too…. But then I’m also a bit scared by some of the clothes I’ve seen in the shops recently. I must be turning into an old fuddy duddy already….

  2. Luverly.

    My very earliest memory is of me, aged 3, running to meet my dad who was coming home from work. I was carrying a gingham drawstring bag that mum had made me, filled with my collection of Matchbox cars. Black and white gingham, or navy and white, I’m not sure.

    I thought of that bag for the first time in years when I saw your post.

  3. I love gingham, and want to find a casual gingham top that doesn’t make me feel like an emo. 😛 i am a fan of a one-frill version of that top, it’s pretty.

    I saw the fabric and nearly laughed out loud (except I contained it because it’s nearly one thirty and my family is asleep) because my brother was wearing both a shirt and top with fabric incredibly similar to that today. 🙂

  4. ooh that $42 dollar a metre fabric did look amazing – but I am confident your awesome gingham will turn out just as spectacularly. I think a big round black and white skirt will feel ever so stylish on. It’s nice feeling stylish!
    i think the top McCalls shirt pattern is nice too. maybe with one ruffle. I love the sleeves on that shirt.
    Good luck!

  5. Completely OT, but does anyone else think of ‘up the duff’ when they hear of Hilary Duff?

    I did have a gingham pink and white dress with white ricrac as trimming and an appliqued tulip on the bodice. Mum made it for my first day at kindergarten, and I love the photo of me with my cardboard little ‘suitcase’, sitting on the low brick fence outside our flat. New dress and ‘school’ – it still doesn’t get any better or daggier than that for me. Still.

  6. Oh wow! I love gingham. Just gorgeous 🙂

    Kate, I’ve just signed up for the tea towel swap on Souz’s blog and then I read your postscript about your order being all spoken for. Can you put me down as a contender for the 2nd order? Thanks for this 🙂 K

  7. Can I admit that I think those pet beds are awesome and I would love to make one? Still don’t think they are contemporary trendsetting designs though.

    I had a red and white gingham skirt and shirt. I’m pretty sure I used to wear them together. I guess I’ve always been a fashion disaster.

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